EASN Thematic Structure

A Working Group consisting of NLR, QinetiQ and ONERA constructed the ASTERA taxonomy for aeronautical R&T. This is a hierarchical taxonomy that builds upon existing European structuring efforts, such as the GARTEUR taxonomy and EUROCONTROL's ARDEP taxonomy.

The ASTERA taxonomy has been defined, reviewed and agreed upon by a considerable group of experts from different fields within the European aeronautics community. This has given the taxonomy a strong foundation. Therefore EASN uses and if necessary modifies this taxonomy in order to approach a classification of university activities in the field of aeronautics.



Space Technologies

1. Materials and Structures
2. Manufacturing Processes for Space Applications
3. Space manufacturing process technologies
4. Aerodynamics
5. Space Propulsion
6. Space Power
7. Robotics
8. Space Transportation Systems
9. Novel / Reusable Launching Concepts
10. On-orbit operations and servicing (OOO, OOS)
11. Low cost satellites technologies


Space Applications and Operations

1. Earth ObservationNano/micro Satellites
2. Integrated Applications
3. Space Communication and Navigation
4. Components for Orbital Use
5. CO2 monitoring from space


Space Policies

1. Clean Space
2. Safety in Space