EASN Newsletter 2024 - Issue #1

EASN Newsletter 2024 - Issue #1

February 6th, 2024

This edition includes updates on the recent undertakings of the European Aviation & Space community, as well as on some of the topmost news and upcoming events.

Firstly, the EASN Association announces the launch of the Call for Abstracts & Registration process for the 14th EASN International Conference which will be held next October in Thessaloniki, Greece. This year's event focuses on "Innovation in Aviation & Space towards sustainability today & tomorrow" and is expected to be another major gathering of the European aviation and space community. Over the years, the EASN Conference series serves as the top dissemination event of the sector, attracting the majority of the projects funded under the different Work Programmes.

With the present issue we are also introducing a new column which will give the floor to EASN members to draw our attention to scientific and technological topics (concepts, technologies, methodologies, models, processes, etc.) which, in their view, are of high significance for our sector yet, their significance has not been fully recognized and, therefore, they still have a high untapped exploitation potential. It is underlined that the views presented are the views of the presenting colleagues and different views on the topics introduced will be hosted with pleasure, as well.

Furthermore, the EASN Board of Directors presents its position on the significance of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) in achieving the challenging objectives that have been set by the aviation sector.

With the aim of further supporting the permanent objective of the EASN Association for dissemination of knowledge and technological innovation, a new tool is also introduced, entitled "EASN Research Webinars".

The first EASN periodic Newsletter for 2024 is available for online viewing here.

Enjoy the read!