EASN Newsletter - April 2020

EASN Newsletter - April 2020

April 27th, 2020

The first EASN periodic Newsletter for 2020 is now published.

In this issue you may read, the thoughts of the Co-Chairmen of the 10th EASN International Conference regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its potential influence in the progress of organizing as well as carrying out our event in upcoming September.

In this difficult period, all minds are to those who have been affected by the COVID-19 and EASN's BoD first priority is the health and safety of participants and staff. The members of the Organizing Committee are very thoroughly monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and are working on hybrid and virtual alternatives that will make the carrying out of the Conference manageable. In this frame and as we have in mind that life goes on and soon this difficult situation will lie behind us, a summary regarding the updates of the forthcoming 10th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens" is presented. So far, 6 Keynote Speeches have been confirmed to be provided by distinguished personalities of the European Aeronautics and Space Community as well as more than 30 sessions have been already shaped up. In addition, research results obtained in more than 20 research projects will be disseminated.
Furthermore, the winners of the 9th EASN International Conference Best Paper are announced and a short interview of them is hosted in this newsletter issue. Further updates regarding the 9th EASN International Conference proceedings and special issues of the successful 9th EASN International Conference are included as well.

This newsletter issue also includes updates on the main recent undertakings of the European Aeronautical community, as well as on some of the topmost upcoming news and events. More specifically, the progress of the joint efforts of the European Aeronautics stakeholders is presented in a detailed article, including the EASN Association representing academic research, to prepare the Clean Aviation Programme as part of "Horizon Europe".

This edition contains a joint interview of Prof. Peilin Zhou, Chairman of the European Association of Universities in Marine Technology (WEGEMT) and Prof. Andreas Strohmayer, EASN Chairman in the frame of the mutual agreement signed by WEGEMT and EASN in order to intensify the cooperation between the two Associations in science and technology.

In the same concept and recognizing the benefits of joining forces and making EASN's voice stronger in the European research community, we announce in this issue the Association's participation in the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) as a full member.

Last but not least, this issue informs you also about the progress of the activities and the recently held meetings of the EASN Board of Directors as well as of the EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board respectively.

As always, the current issue holds a series of other engaging topics including the latest achievements and results of a number of EU - funded research projects.

The newsletter is available for on-line viewing here.