ICARe Workshop "US-EU Research Collaboration in Aeronautics: Paving the way for new opportunities"

ICARe Workshop

January 24th, 2020

We have the pleasure to invite you to join the next ICARe workshop "US-EU Research Collaboration in Aeronautics: Paving the way for new opportunities" that will take place the 6th of February 2020, in Washington D.C., in the offices of the European Commission.

This workshop is intended to consolidate the outcomes of previous efforts, with the aim to enhance research cooperation between US and EU in the Aeronautics domain. The last events in that pursuit were the ACARE INCO workshop held in March 2017 (EUROCONTROL HQ) and the ICARe workshop held in January 2018 (FAA Technical Center), and the discussions that followed.

Following these exchanges, six research fields for possible EU USA cooperation have been identified namely:

  1. Safety& Security
  2. Methodologies and technological alignment
  3. Interoperability
  4. Materials
  5. Environment & energy
  6. Regulation& certification

EU experts have drafted the descriptions of twenty-eight research opportunities (refer to the attached table listing these opportunities by research field)

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss at the experts level these potential research opportunities and to jointly identify opportunities for collaborative research in the aeronautics domain for the period of Horizon Europe ( FP9 ) (2021-2027).

The final agenda is attached. For logistics and security reasons, participation will be considered (subject to availability) until the 28th of January. In case you are interested please contact Dr. Kaouthar Benameur (ONERA, ICARe US platform leader - kaouthar.benameur@onera.fr).

Download Workshop Agenda by clicking here.