Welcome to the 14th EASN International Conference!

Welcome to the 14<sup>th</sup> EASN International Conference!

February 6th, 2024

We cordially invite you to the 14th EASN International Conference, an event focused on "Innovation in Aviation & Space towards sustainability today & tomorrow", hosted by EASN Association and the University of Thessaloniki. The conference will be held from October 8th to 11th, 2024, in the lively city of Thessaloniki, Greece, at the renowned Concert Hall of the city.

This conference is all about engaging in a lively exchange of ideas. It will feature prominent figures from Europe's Aviation and Space sectors, representing academia, industry, research, and policymaking, who will share their valuable insights during the Plenary Talks. The conference will offer a platform for scientists and researchers worldwide to present their latest discoveries across various thematic sessions. These sessions, thoughtfully curated by respected experts, aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster collaboration.

Beyond the research presentations, this conference aspires to be a hub for European Dissemination and Exploitation. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase ongoing projects, celebrate milestones, delve into current trends, and explore future requirements within the aviation and space domains, with a focus on forging connections and synergies. Notably, esteemed policy development projects will also be featured, shedding light on the strategic priorities guiding the European aviation sector toward sustainability.

The 14th EASN International Conference is made possible through the generous support of key stakeholders in the European Aviation and Space Sector, emphasizing its importance. We eagerly anticipate the participation of all attendees in Thessaloniki, where, together, they will ensure the success of the 2024 EASN International Conference - a gathering dedicated to shaping the future of European Aviation and Space.

Expand your horizons, engage with thought leaders, and be a part of the exciting journey at the 14th EASN International Conference! Your presence is vital to this shared vision of advancing aviation and space for a sustainable tomorrow.