2nd General assembly of the EASN Association

2nd General assembly of the EASN Association

May 13th, 2010

All EASN members are cordially invited to attend the
2nd General assembly of the EASN Association
To be held in Suresnes, Paris, on the 7th of October 2010.

The 1st elected Board of Directors had the task to set up the mechanisms which will allow the EASN Association to continue functioning on a self-funded base. In the meantime, the work of EASN in ACARE, the support and coordination of its members and the services offered for knowledge dissemination had to continue, so as to retain the reputation and visibility EASN has earned so far. The General Assembly, being the governing body of EASN, will discuss the achievements of the first BoD, set the frame and provide guidelines and input for the next BoD. In this frame, the major milestones achieved during the first two years of operation will be presented, assessed and discussed upon.
The presentation of the achievements of the 1st BoD will include issues like

  • the level and quality of services offered by EASN to its members
  • the quality and functionality of the EASN website
  • the outcome of the EASN endorsed projects for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th FP7 call.
  • the participation and level of pareticipation of EASN in Eurpeal fora including ACARE and Internaitonal committees.
  • the level of visibility achieved, etc
and discuss on obstacles faced and respective measures taken.

The General Assembly will serve as a valuable tool for defining strategic goals and policies of EASN, based on the critical assessment of the achievements so far. Corrective measures and new targets will be specified, along with the frame of the General EASN policies.
The General Assembly will conclude with proposals for and the elections of the new BoD, which will have the responsibility to further strengthen the Association and realize the targets set.
Note that all registered individual members of the EASN Association are eligible for election in the BoD. Registration in EASN will also be possible on site during the first day and prior to the General Assembly
For more information regarding the eligibility of EASN members to participate in the elections please contact the current EASN president, Prof. Spiros Pantelakis (pantelak@mech.upatras.gr)

Registration is required. Please consult the attached information files.

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