Aeronautical Research & Technology Areas

A Working Group consisting of NLR, QinetiQ and ONERA constructed the ASTERA taxonomy for aeronautical R&T. This is a hierarchical taxonomy that builds upon existing European structuring efforts, such as the GARTEUR taxonomy and EUROCONTROL's ARDEP taxonomy.

The ASTERA taxonomy has been defined, reviewed and agreed upon by a considerable group of experts from different fields within the European aeronautics community. This has given the taxonomy a strong foundation. Therefore EASN uses and if necessary modifies this taxonomy in order to approach a classification of university activities in the field of aeronautics.
No By clicking on the items you can find the correspondent definitions and the list of EASN members for each area of activity:
1Flight Physics
4Aircraft Avionics, Systems and Equipment
5Flight Mechanics
6Integrated Design and Validation
7Air Traffic Management
9Human Factors
10Innovative Concepts and Scenarios