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EASN supported projects

Completed Projects / Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs)


Project Context

SUNJET, a European Project within the Framework Programme 7 (Research / Aeronautics and Air Transport) aimed at establishing an initial framework, data base and network, in order to facilitate and enhance the cooperation in R&T activities between Japan and Europe. Through the participation of all the relevant Stakeholders, it introduced a more structured dialogue to identify the similarities in the respective research agendas / road maps.

Work performed

As from the starting date of the project (1st of June 2011) the work had been concentrated on the following areas:
  • Building up ad-hoc EU-Japan R&T cooperation areas of mutual benefit
  • Proposing win-win R&T roadmaps / cooperations
  • Having a mutual understanding of administrative mechanisms: clarify the principles governing such  EU-Japan R&T cooperation, respective funding mechanisms, IPRs, etc. and the main barriers to that cooperation and suggesting ways to overcome all the problems


SUNJET project indicated the areas where the cooperation topics were mutually favoured assuring a good reciprocity between the parties.
It did not interfere with the various EU - Japan R&T cooperative activities already undertaken, but nonetheless provided rules and references that could be beneficial to all.
Finally, the project provided common R&T road maps for cooperation to be introduced in future calls for proposals within Framework programmes of the European Commission and mechanisms in Japan.


The HERMES project aims to develop a closer and more effective communication, between researchers working in the field of transport technologies in the EU, and their counterparts around the world by facilitating the exchange of information and developing a framework for long term collaboration. 
This will be achieved through the establishment of a common portal for accessing information from databases of past and ongoing research projects worldwide, in collaboration with database managers worldwide. As part of these activities HERMES will seek to obtain agreement for a harmonisation of database architectures, so that information can be accessed easily by researchers world-wide. 
The HERMES Project is funded by the European Commission under the Framework 7 Programme and will run for 27 months from November 2011 to February 2014. The aim is to create a portal for transport research databases worldwide.

For more information on the project please visit:  http://www.hermes-project.net/