EASN Newsletter - October 2022

EASN Conference Highlights

  • 12th EASN Conference Welcome Letter

    It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to welcome you to Barcelona and more specifically at the premises of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Barcelona-tech). After two years of pandemic, in which we had to organize the EASN International Conference virtually, it is really a satisfaction to meet you again and to be able to share these three days of Conference with all of you.

    The UPC, as a Technical University, is very interested in promoting academic and research activities, and this EASN event is a proof of it. The two aeronautical engineering schools, located on the Terrassa and Castelldefels campuses, as well as the Aeronautics Division of the physics department, and the research groups in the university, especially the ICARUS group (RPAS and Air Operations research), have put a lot of interest and effort into organizing this event. In reference to aeronautical engineering, the UPC is the second Spanish university, according to the QS ranking, but despite not being the first one, the activity and motivation are there, and we hope that the realization of the 12th EASN International Conference will contribute to its advancement.

    The organization of the conference in Barcelona is also a great opportunity for the EASN Association to promote its activities in Spain. In this sense and in my role as the National Contact Point (NCP) of the EASN Association in Spain, I hope that this year's EASN gathering will boost the visibility and acknowledgement of the Association.

    If today we are able to enjoy an in-person conference, it is due to EASN's endeavours, a fact that deserves recognition. Likewise, we must also recognize the effort of our colleagues from the University of Salerno, who were directly negatively affected because of the obstacles introduces by the pandemic during the organization of the two previous editions.

    I wish you all a pleasant and rewarding visit to the UPC and to Barcelona. Enjoy the 12th EASN International Conference.

    With our warmest regards,

    Dr. Jordi Pons i Prats

    Conference Co-Chairman of the 12th EASN International Conference

    ​Polytechnic University of Catalonia

    EASN National Contact Point of Spain

  • The 12th EASN Conference is approaching

    Only one week to go in the 12th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons and we are excited to connect in person once again!

    It is the first time after two years, that the EASN annual gathering is going physical and this surely offers a great occasion to get back to normality and meet once again face to face. The Organizing Committee is ready to welcome colleagues and participants of the EASN event which will be held at the premises of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC) (Campus Nord), Barcelona, Spain from 18th to 21st October 2022.

    More than 500 scientists, engineers and policy makers from over 45 countries all over the world, are expected to join this yearly gathering where about 380 technical presentations will be distributed in more than 75 sessionsThe final agenda of the EASN Virtual Conference has been released and you may find it here. Among others, the programme of the EASN International Conference includes: 

    • 8 Keynote lectures
    • Special sessions dedicated to breakthrough innovation incubated in the frame of Clean Sky 2
    • An EREA thematic session dedicated to (sustainable) Urban Air Mobility with three main workshops focusing on Scaled Demonstrators, Alternative Energy Sources for Aviation in the Future and Circular Aviation System
    • A variety of Technical Workshops on emerging scientific and technological topics for Aviation & Space
    • Dissemination of the major accomplishments through presentations and dedicated sessions, of approximately 85 collaborative research Aviation & Space projects, funded under H2020, CleanSky and SESAR JUs. 
    • Open Project Events & Round Tables

    Moreover, the Organizing Committee have made arrangements for a number of technical visits which will take place on Friday, October 22. More details regarding the structure of the 12th EASN International Conference can be found in the following articles. 

    The 12th EASN International Conference will be performed with the kind support of Clean Aviation, SESAR JUFraunhofer IPT and Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of Spain.

    Kindly notice that the online registration for attendees will be available until Friday14th of October 2022. Registration on-desk will be also availble during the event, so as to facilitate last minutes' participants.

    We are looking forward to meeting you and thanking you in advance for your contribution to making the 2022 EASN Conference one more exciting in-person gathering of the EASN Association!

  • Is it possible to survive on Mars?

    EASN Association is pleased to host an interview of Dr.-Ing. Gisela Detrell, Research Team Leader at the Institute of Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart (short CV here).

    Dr.-Ing. Gisela Detrell kindly accepted to share with the readers of the EASN Newsletter accepted to share with the readers of the EASN Newsletter her viewpoint regarding research perform so as to survive on Mars.

    In the frame of the 12th EASN Virtual International Conference Dr. Detrell will give a keynote lecture with title " Surviving on Mars". The keynote lecture will be given the 19th October 2022 at 14:15 CET. 

    Read the full interview of Dr. Gisela Detrell here.

  • Catalonia into Orbit

    Mr. Daniel Marco Parraga (short CV here) is the Director General of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Government of Catalonia. 

    Mr. Marco Parraga kindly accepted to share an article with the readers of the EASN Newsletter, outlining the Catalunya government strategy on space industry development. 

    On the occasion of the 12th EASN International Conference, Mr. Marco Parraga​ will give a keynote lecture entitled "Catalonia is going into orbit with the NewSpace Strategy". The lecture is scheduled on the 18th of October 2022 at 09:15 CET.

    Read the full interview on the EASN website by visiting the following link.

  • The Keynotes of the 12th EASN Conference

    The 12th EASN International Conference is approaching and we are happy to introduce the 8 keynote speeches to be given by distinguished personalities of the European Aviation & Space sector. The lectures to be held in this year's event, are the following, on an alphabetical order of keynote speakers: 

    • Space Debris in a nut shell - Long Term Sustainability of Space Operations by Mr. Christophe Bonnal, Senior expert of CNES Directorate of Strategy and Chairman of the Technical Committee of the EUCASS Board
    • Surviving on Mars by Dr.-Ing. Gisela DetrellResearch Team Leader of the University of Stuttgart's Institute of Space Systems (ISS)
    • Anticipating Disruption: Protecting Businesses Through Innovation by Dr. Isabelle Lacaze, Head of Technological Demonstrator of Airbus UpNext
    • Disruptive technologies: the path to take European aviation to climate neutrality by Mr. Axel Krein, Executive Director of Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking
    • From inception to implementation of EU Aviation: Research, Innovation and Deployment with CINEA by Mr. Pablo Perez – Illana Deputy Head of Unit, Horizon Europe Transport of CINEA - “Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency”, European Commission
    • Catalonia is going into orbit with the NewSpace Strategy by Mr. Daniel Marco Parraga, Director General of Innovation and Digital Economy of Government of Catalonia
    • European Union transnational R&i aviation funding and the Spanish support by Mr. Juan Francisco Reyes Sanchez National Contact Point for Aviation of Horizon Europe, CDTI-E.P.E, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
    • Quo vadis Aeronautics? by Prof. Dr. Dieter Schmitt ,  Chairman of the EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board and Independent consultant for aeronautics. This last keynote is co-authored by: Dr. Dietrich Knoerzer, former Senior Officer in the Aviation Unit of DG Research & Innovation, European Commission & Prof. Spiros Pantelakis, EASN Honorary Chairman. 
  • Why the 12th EASN Conference is a major Dissemination event

    Like its predecessors, the 12th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons” is structured in a way that enhances the interaction and presents an excellent opportunity for networking and creating new synergies for future collaborations on a bilateral basis or in the frame of multilateral projects. This year’s agenda includes, among others,  several special sessions where evolving ideas, technologies and processes will be discussed. Furthermore, the conference is expected to be a major European Dissemination and Exploitation event of Aviation and Space - related research, as around 85 running research projects will exploit the 3-day technical program to present their activities and achieved goals, discuss on current trends and future needs and try to identify possible collaborations with each other. More specifically: 

    Clean Sky 2 Programme
    During the 12th EASN event, the breakthrough innovation incubated in the frame of Clean Sky 2 will be disseminated in special sessions presenting, the results of 14 projects in the frame of the Clean Sky 2 Thematic Topic Stream  as well as the outcomes of the Clean Sky 2 Technology Evaluator initiative, through the participation of more than 19 projects. Both sessions will be moderated by Dr. Jean-Francois Brouckaert, Head of Technology Office of Clean Aviation.

    EREA Thematic Session 
    Furthermore, an EREA thematic session dedicated to (sustainable) Urban Air Mobility as overarching topic will take place during the conference, with 3 main workshops to focus on Scaled Demonstrators, Alternative Energy Sources for Aviation in the Future and Circular Aviation System. The workshops will be chaired by Dr.-Ing. Christian Eschmann of DLR, Mr. Marcello Kivel Mazuy of CIRA and Mrs. Ligeia Paletti of NLR, respectively.

    Technical Workshops
    A variety of Technical Workshops on emerging scientific and technological topics for Aviation & Space will be performed. More specifically: 

    • ecoDESIGN and Sustainable Productivity chaired by Mr. Torsten Moll | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
    • Hybrid-Electric Flight chaired by Prof. Andreas Strohmayer | University of Stuttgart
    • Space Technologies chaired by Dr. Athanasios Dafnis | RWTH Aachen University
    • Human-centred design of AI and digital assistants chaired by Dr. Ricardo Reis | EMBRAER

    Collaborative Research Projects
    Dissemination of the major accomplishments through presentations and dedicated sessions, of approximately 85 collaborative research Aviation & Space projects, funded under H2020, CleanSky and SESAR JUs, will also take place during this EASN gathering. 

    Open Project Events
    Last but not least, research uptakes and new generation of knowledge will be disseminated through the following open events in the frame of the 12th EASN International Conference: 

    • DOMMINIO 2nd Workshop
    • SAFELAND Final Dissemination Event: Single pilot incapacitation
    • FUTPRINT50 Academy: Aircraft Design Challenge final event

    In this frame, you are cordially invited to join us and be part of this year’s conversation of the European Aviation & Space community!


  • EASN enhances International Cooperation

    In the spirit of the cooperation between EASN and european as well as international associations, EASN supported and participated at the 9th edition of EUCASS, which took place in Lille, France from 27 June to 1 July 2022, with the friendly support of 3AF (Association Aeronautique et Astronautique de France). In this frame, a two-part session entitled "Climate-neutral aviation fuels & alternative propulsion systems (EASN-CLINAV)" was held on 30 June 2022, coordinated and chaired by the EASN Chairman, Prof. Andreas Strohmayer of the University of Stuttgart, Germany together with Prof. George Lampeas of the University of Patras, Greece. More information can be found here

    Further to that, EASN participated at the 33rd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) which was successfully conducted in Stockholm, Sweden in 4-9 September 2022, by organizing a dedicated session, involving 3 papers on the topic of 'Sustainable design, manufacture and maintenance of aerostructures'. Moreover, in the frame of ICAS2022 Congress, CleanSky2 received the prestigious ICAS Von Karman Award for International Cooperation in Aeronautics. Academia was represented at the event by EASN through Prof. Spiros Pantelakis, honorary Chairman of the Association. For more details click here.

  • A Manifesto for Early Career Researchers

    The Covid pandemic and the general uncertainty we are experiencing are having a negative impact on early career researchers, adding to the precarious employment situation and often poor working conditions that they endure.In this frame, EASN Association all allong with Initiative for Science in Europe, Ciencia Viva and several other entities have signed the so-called "Manifesto for Early Career Researchers" to collect broad and robust support from key stakeholders as well as researchers at all stages of their career.
    The Manifesto calls for:

    • Europe-wide monitoring of young researchers’ situation
    • Improving research careers and working conditions in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
    • Enhancing research careers in the third sector, including NGOs and governmental organisations
    • Involving national funding agencies in cooperation with the European Commission.

    More information about the Manifesto can be found here

  • New EASN NCP in Slovakia

    EASN Association

    EASN is pleased to welcome Prof. Ing. Katarina Monkova (short CV here), full professor at Technical University in Kosice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the seat in Presov, as its new National Contact Point (NCP) in Slovakia. The European Aeronautics Science Network would like to express its deepest gratitude to Prof. Monkova for her support and wholehearted involvement in this brand-new role.

    National Contact Points are EASN’s direct contact link for the Academia in the representative country and at the same moment entrance point for cooperation requests from other Stakeholders (Industry, SMEs, Research Establishments, Public).

    The role of NCPs is crucial for the Association as they promote the EASN scope and objectives in their country and contact and/or encourage potential members to join the Association. The National Contact Points Team of the EASN Association is composed, so far, of 21 distinguished scientists, who represent the country where they act. Find the continuously updated list of EASN NCP members here.

EASN supported projects: Latest news and achievements

  • UMA3 (Unique Materials for Advanced Aerospace Applications) is a 3-years duration H2020 CSA, launched in September 2020. The project is about creating an excellence centre around the University of Miskolc, for increasing scientific excellence and knowledge. It also aims at establishing a value chain of knowledge in the areas of powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and high-performance PVD nanocoatings. Numerous training seminars, summer schools, workshops and events have been organized and held in the frame of the project (both scientific ones, as well as other addressing administrative aspects of EU projects). Most recently, the UMA3 Summer School on “Lightweight alloys and MMCs for aerospace” and the UMA3 Strategic Workshop on “Simulation of materials behavior and manufacturing processes” took place successfully at the University of Patras, Greece; on September 26th-30th 2022.

    UMA3 will also proudly participate at the upcoming 12th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space for opening New Horizons, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, from the 18th until the 21st of October 2022. The UMA3 project and its foremost results will be presented –with 3 dedicated presentations- in the frame of the session: “European Policy Actions in the Field of Aviation & Space” which will take place on Day 3 of the Conference (20.10.2022) in Room 7 at 10:45-12:45. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    Please visit the UMA3 website for more information as well as follow the project on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) to stay updated with its latest news and activities.

  • EureComp Logo

    The EuReComp project – “European recycling and circularity in large composite components” was launched on April 1, 2022, marked by the Consortium’s kick-off meeting. Funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe Programme and part of the call for a “Digitised, Resource-Efficient and Resilient Industry 2021”, EuReComp will run for 48 months.

    The cumulating composite wastes are more prominent than the needed new composites. The aircraft and wind energy sectors contribute to a major share of this. Across all industries about 60% of waste fibre reinforced composites is landfilled, causing severe societal and environmental issues. EU’s Circular Economy plan seeks to reduce the landfill down to 10% by increasing the rate of recycling.  As landfilling is highly discouraged in wind and transport sectors, relevant stakeholders seek to replace it with more advanced technologies and end-of-life options, which promote the recycling of carbon fibres. EuReComp research project has a strong focus on circularity, and set out to provide sustainable methods towards recycling and reuse of composite materials, coming from components used in various industries, such as aeronautics and wind energy. The main pathways that EuReComp proposes to achieve circularity will include:

    • repairing, repurposing and redesigning parts from end-of-life large scale products and
    • recycling and reclamation of the materials used in such parts; thus, accomplishing reduction of waste and transformation to high-added value products.

    EuReComp is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) bringing together a balanced consortium of 20 partners (INEGI, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GMBH, B&T Composites, IRES, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig, Dallara Automobili SPA, Silesian University of Technology, ITAINNOVA, Politecnico di Torino, AIMEN, University of Patras, BIOG3D, EASN-TIS, STRATAGEM ENERGY LTD., APM, FRAUNHOFER, CIRCULARISE) representatives of academia, research institutes and SMEs, providing the needed expertise to ensure the achievement, exploitation and deployment of the project’s results.

    Currently having completed its first semester, the EuReComp consortium has a) accomplished a milestone regarding the business cases defined based on R6 strategy, b) developed project’s visual identity, communication toolkit & public website, and c) developed the first issues of the: 

    • Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Business plan, along with the
    • Data Management plan
    • Risk Management Plan and Quality Assurance Plan

    For more information and regular updates regarding EuReComp, visit the project’s official website and social media pages: LinkedIn | Twitter

  • The SAFELAND project, which was launched in July 2020 and aims at supporting flight and landing of single pilot operated aircrafts, in case of pilot incapacitation, moves steadily towards the final months of its official duration, and all partners are focused on achieving the latest milestones. The significant project results will be presented at the SAFELAND Final Dissemination Event which is part of the 12th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons" this year, to be held in Barcelona, Spain from the 18th until the 21st of October 2022.

    The 2022 EASN gathering, a major European dissemination event of aviation and space related research, is expected to attract high-level panels from European leaders in aviation and a significant number of exceptional presentations.

    The SAFELAND Final Dissemination Event will take place on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, from 15:00 to18:00 CET. It consists of two sessions and will be chaired by the project coordinator, Mr. Stefano Bonelli. The first part of the SAFELAND sessions will cover topics such as the SAFELAND Concept of Operations for Single Pilot Incapacitation, the assessment of pilot incapacitation in Single Pilot Operation (SPO) via Low-Fidelity simulation and the concept’s evaluation via Real time simulations. During the second session, the project’s results and achievements will be showcased and analyzed. Towards the end of the second session, a round table fruitful discussion will conclude the event. The detailed agenda is available here.

    This intense project period is full of significant events. Beyond the SAFELAND Final Dissemination Event, the project is proud to announce its participation in a joint event with five more research projects; namely INVIRCAT, URClearED SafeOPS, Mahalo, and Artimation all under the SESAR Joint Undertaking  umbrella. This in person event will take place in Rome, Italy on 3-4 November, 2022, and will present to the audience the latest developments within the SESAR JU framework in two of the most promising aviation topics: Drones and Artificial Intelligence. Detailed information about the event is available here

    For more updates on all our latest news stay tuned with the SAFELAND website and social media pages: Twitter | LinkedIn

  • Having reached the 21st month of its three-and-a-half-year lifetime, the DOMMINIO project successfully held its mid-term review meeting on the 8th of September, 2022, in a digital format.  The main purpose was to assess the progress of the project, and the technical and scientific achievements up to date. The meeting included presentations from the partners and a series of questions, concerns, and remarks, creating a fruitful dialogue between DOMMINIO partners and the Project Officer about the next steps for the project. Significant achievements in terms of modeling and simulation, multifunctional aerostructures, and additive manufacturing technologies have already been completed. These can be briefly summarized as follows:

    1. Manufacturing systems specifications and conceptual design framework

    • Functional specifications, materials, and process dataset
    • Specifications of scenarios for lab-scale validation
    • MDO & MRO framework

    2. Process numerical modeling and multifunctional prototypes design, focused on simulating ATL and FFF processes

    3. Functional materials engineering and manufacturing systems

    • Materials development and characterization
    • TL Processing window
    • FFT Processing window
    • Disassembly Process window

    4. On-line process control for high-quality automated manufacturing, aiming to improve flexible additive manufacturing techniques, to ultimately reduce the scrap during manufacturing, to allow the manufacturability of airframe components with lightweight design and thus, to contribute to the reduction of manufacturing costs.

    5. Sensor development and SHM of multifunctional composite laminates, to detect damages in structural composites

    The major topics of the above-mentioned research results will be presented at the 2nd DOMMINIO Workshop. The event will be organized by the project’s consortium and will take place in the frame of the 12th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons", on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, from 10:45 to 13:05 CEST, in Barcelona, Spain. Beyond the DOMMINIO achievements, participants representing industrial and academic stakeholders will present the latest advances in thermoplastics, additive manufacturing, and digital manufacturing. 

    For more information and regular updates of the DOMMINIO project visit the DOMMINIO official website and SAFELAND social media pages: LinkedIn | Twitter

  • FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 is an EU-funded collaborative research project set out to identify and develop technologies and configurations that will accelerate the entry-into-service of a commercial hybrid-electric aircraft in a class of up to 50 seats by 2035/40. 

    On the 9th and 10th of August 2022, the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 team came together at the impressive premises of TU Delft in the summer Delft in the Netherlands for its M30 Progress Meeting. Partners, representing the Consortium organizations, met each other in this two-day meeting to present the latest scientific and technical achievements, discuss the overall progress of the project, and exchange ideas on how to proceed in the future. 

    Although the project continues to be a work-in-progress, several important results have already been achieved and will be presented at the 12th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons" which will take place in Barcelona, Spain from the 18th until the 21st of October 2022. FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 has organized two dedicated sessions on the 19th of October 2022 from 10:30 to 12:10 CEST and from 15:00 to 16:40 CEST. These sessions will consist of 10 presentations focused on the hybrid-electric flight and will cover topics that range from energy harvesting to thermal management and much more. 

    The FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Aircraft Design Challenge session will also follow on the same day from 17:00 to 18:40 CEST. FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 is committed to supporting and encouraging younger talent in the aeronautics community. In this context, the project team organized the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Aircraft Design Challenge in which five participating teams, which each consist of a maximum of five MSc. students, were asked to design a hybrid-electric aircraft according to specific requirements. At this special event, the contestants will make pitches explaining why it would be wise for an airline to select their designs. Towards the end of the event, the jury panel, made up of independent reviewers with expertise in the area of the challenge, will announce the winning team. The first-place prize for the winning team will be a mentorship by three leading EMBRAER top executives through dedicated meetings and a free open-access journal article.

    Head over to the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 official website to discover more details about their activities!

    Be sure to join its networks too! 

    LinkedIn | Twitter | ResearchGate | YouTube | Instagram

  • The GENEX project – “Next end-to-end digital framework for optimized manufacturing and maintenance of next generation aircraft composite structures” is a new 42-month Horizon Europe project launched on September 1, 2022, through the realization of its kick-off meeting at ITAINNOVA (ITA) premises in Zaragoza, Spain. GENEX is a collaborative synergy among sixteen project partners from nine countries led by ITA. It operates under a specific Horizon Europe call aiming to the next generation digital aircraft transformation in design, manufacturing, integration, and maintenance (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01). Lighter composite aircraft structures, and the adoption of new, highly efficient, flexible, and sustainable manufacturing procedures are major league priorities to achieve the EU environmental goals by 2050. GENEX commits to work towards EU goals by developing three pioneering technological assets which, through integration, will lead to a multi-disciplinary digital twin of the component throughout its lifecycle for the next generation aircraft composite structures.

    The successful completion of GENEX is anticipated to go through a pathway marked with three key innovations:

    • A closed-loop digital pipeline connecting all phases of aircraft lifecycle for premium manufacturing, maintenance, and repair approach
    • Novel AI-powered digital twins for the realization of GENEX technological assets
    • Coherent, digital simulation strategy combining advanced physics-based simulation with efficient digital-based methods

    GENEX will bring in the spotlight, to name a few impacts, novel digital and eco-manufacturing technologies, further advance of aircraft health assessment and optimized MRO processes and tools. Its holistic approach will cover the whole value chain of composite parts, to support the next generation digital aircraft transformation. 

    Discover more information about GENEX on CORDIS. Details of the project objectives and key innovations will be available through its official website (https://www.genex-project.eu) and social media pages: Twitter | LinkedIn.

  • Heading towards the end of its lifetime, PERIOD (PERASPERA In Orbit Demonstration) project team is currently working on the finalization of the ambitious demonstration concept. The System Requirements Review (SRR) is planned to take place in November/December 2022 with the aim to successfully complete the Phase A/B1 of the activity. Focus has been given on the integration of the developed technologies in the modified AIRBUS Robotic In Space Manufacturing Assembly Testbed (RISMAT).

    In parallel, a number of targeted communication & dissemination actions are in progress.

    • A set of videos have been released highlighting the project achievements.
    • During the last week of September the team participated to the 3rd European Operations Framework (EOF) Workshop (28-29 September 2022 at the DLR premises in Cologne). A number of on-site displays were set-up with the aim to showcase the PERIOD outcomes.
    • A number of presentations in high visibility events took place and are also planned for the upcoming period (IAC 2022, ESA Clean Space Industry Days 2022, 12TH EASN International Conference, Space Tech Expo Europe 2022).

    For more information visit the official website of the project: period-h2020.eu and connect with us in Twitter & LinkedIn.

Other latest news and achievements

  • SAVE the DATE: Hybrid workshop on new ERA action focused on aviation technology infrastructure

    Dear correspondent,

    The European Commission, in cooperation with the European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA), is organising a hybrid workshop on a proposed pilot ERA action focused on EU aviation technology infrastructure. This proposed pilot action would aim at accelerating the development of new and updating existing aviation technology infrastructures, while promoting further collaboration, coordination and European synergies to tackle current and future challenges in aviation. It would focus on digitalisation and technology infrastructures for greening technologies aiming at the transformation of the EU aviation industry with emphasis on applied research. However, low-to-mid TRL research would also be covered, in particular via synergies with National/Regional policies. The hybrid workshop is scheduled to take place on 24 November 2022, starting at 9.30h Brussels time until 17.00h. It aims at explaining what the initiative is all about, exploring the various possibilities for concrete action, and to collect and discuss different ideas on the initiative.

    Additional information will be provided closer to the event, including an agenda and supporting documents. In case that you would like to receive this information, please return this email to RTD-C3-ASSIST@ec.europa.eu

    Best regards,

    For RTD.C3: Francky Callewaert

    For EREA: Tim Buiting

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