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  • 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space

    EASN Association

    The EASN Association, the University of Patras and the National Technical University of Athens are inviting you to the 9th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space” which will take place in Athens, Greece from the 3rd until the 6th of September, 2019
    The Aviation & Space sector is of paramount importance for Europe’s industrial competitiveness. While the sector invests heavily in research and innovation (the cornerstone of Europe’s knowledge economy), we strongly believe that such events support the community to continue achieving milestones. The 9th EASN International Conference will give the opportunity to scientists and researchers from all over the world to present their recent achievements in a series of thematic sessions, organized by internationally recognized scientists. 

    The 9th EASN International Conference is the successor of the EASN International Conference which was held in Warsaw, Poland between 26th and 29th of September 2017 and gathered more than 300 participants, scientists and representatives of the European Aviation community, including industry and research establishments. Like its predecessors, the 9th EASN International Conference is expected to be a major European Dissemination and Exploitation event of Aviation & Space related research, while in parallel will act as a forum where innovative ideas, breakthrough concepts and disruptive technologies are presented. 

    The 9th EASN Conference Co-Chairmen, Prof. Costas Charitidis, Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA and Head of the "Research Unit of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology - R-NanoLab" and Prof. Spiros Pantelakis, Professor at the University of Patras, Chairman of the EASN Association and Head of the Laboratory of Technology & Strength of Materials (LTSM), share their thoughts on the importance of this event in an interview which can be founded here

    In this frame, you are cordially invited to join us and be part of this year’s conversation of the European Aviation & Space community! More information will be available on the official website of the 9th EASN International Conference.

    Looking forward to welcome you in Athens!

  • 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”

    EASN Association

    The 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”, was successfully held in Glasgow, UK between the 4th and 7th of September 2018. The event included 9 Κey-Νote Lectures and more than 140 technical presentations distributed in approximately 30 sessions.

    Amongst the others, 12 H2020 project dedicated sessions were organized, presenting their latest achievements and the future trends in the field. In total more than 150 participants joined the Workshop. During the four days gathering, distinguished personalities of the European Aviation Sector updated the delegates on the future industrial trends and the European priorities with respect to the medium and long-term goals. More specifically:

    • European Commission's Dr. Francky Callewaert, shared his viewpoint about “Finalising Horizon 2020, gearing up for Horizon Europe”
    • Mr. Jens Koenig, from AIRBUS, spoke about the “Future Factory of Large Passenger Aircraft – Research in CleanSky 2 and beyond”
    • Mr. Johan Steelant from the European Space Agency (ESA), focused on “Pioneering in Hypersonic Transportation: Technological Challenges, Paradigms and Paradoxes”
    • Mr. Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Airbus Commercial Aircraft presented the “Digital Design & Manufacturing – Enabler for production ramp up”, while
    • Mr. Giuseppe Pagnano, from Clean Sky JU analysed the “Contribution to progress in Manufacturing: Clean Sky achievements”
    • Mr. Andrew Schofield from BAE Systems spoke about “Shaping the future of Aircraft Manufacture”
    • Dr. Konstantinos Stavrinidis, from IABG presented the “IABG Aircraft Testing Activities”
    • Prof. Andreas Strohmayer, member of the Board of Directors of EASN as Industrial Advisory Officer shared the EASN approach about the “Challenge of accelerating impact of academic aviation research for increased competitiveness of the European Aeronautics” and
    • Mr. Catalin Nae from EREA spoke about “Manufacturing challenges for next generation fast rotorcraft - Outstanding opportunities for research establishments in Europe”.

    The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by MATEC Web of Conferences, an Open Access publication series dedicated to archiving conference proceedings dealing with all fundamental and applied research aspects. Further to the proceedings, a number of selected papers will be published in international journals following peer review. The confirmed international journals in which full papers will be published are the following:

    1. Aerospace — Open Access Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal
    2. International Journal of Structural Integrity

    The EASN Association, the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) and the University of Glasgow would like to address a big thank you to the Key-Note Speakers, Session Chairs, Authors and Presenters, the members of the Scientific Committee and everyone else who has contributed to make this workshop one more successful gathering of the Association. Finally and responding to the increasing interest from the European Aeronautics Community for a scientific event which offers a forum for discussion and exchange of information about state-of-the-art research and development activities in Aeronautics and Air Transport, EASN has announced the 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space to be held on September 3 - 6, 2019 in Athens, Greece co-organised by EASN Association, the University of Patras and the National Technical University of Athens. The Key-Note presentations and other related material presented during the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop are available here, while the proceedings will be available to the registered EASN members soon in this link.


  • New CPD Seminar in Paris, France: Interview of the GMI Aero President, Mr. Roland Chemama

    EASN Association and GMI Aero, the world leader in composite repair equipment and technologies, are co-organizing the next Continuous Professional Development (CDP) Seminar in Paris, France from 18th to 20th June, 2018, on the following topic: "Bonded Composite Repair of Aircraft Structures: Contemporary Challenges and Latest Innovations". GMI Aero President, Mr. Roland Chemama, gives a very interesting interview to the EASN Association and shares his viewpoint about the rationale behind this upcoming very promising seminar. 

    Read the full interview on the EASN website by following this link.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    EASN Association in cooperation with GMI Aero, the lead European composite repair equipment manufacturer, is organizing the next Continuous Professional Development - CPD Seminar on Bonded Composite Repair of Aircraft Structures: Contemporary Challenges and Latest Innovations which will be held in Paris, France from 18th to 20th June, 2019

    The subject of this 2-day CPD Seminar will be the contemporary repair challenges and the latest innovations in equipment and methodologies, taking into consideration the fact that the recent venue of all - composite fuselage aircraft (A350 –B787), together with the expansion of older aircraft fleets, introduces new requirements in bonded composite repair. The course is addressed to professionals, industrialists, as well as PhD students from inside and outside Europe. Experienced industrial personnel, together with academic experts, will provide an insight of recent R&I developments and critical issues in the field of bonded composite repair, ensuring that seminar participants acquire a full “process understanding”, including a demonstration workshop, to support reliable application of bonded repairs, even on Class I (safety critical) structures. Participants will have the opportunity to join an optional visit to Le Bourget Air Show on a Date reserved for Professionals (20/6).

    For the latest agenda, registration fees and updated information regarding the CPD seminars please visit the CPD Seminars webpage.

    For registering to the upcoming CPD Seminar on "Bonded Composite Repair of Aircraft Structures: Contemporary Challenges and Latest Innovations" please click here

  • Educational student challenge initiative in aviation engineering

    The EASN Association, the European Space Agency and the IdeaSquare of CERN unify their forces in order to enhance the collaboration of students across the world triggered by an inspiring and ambitious engineering challenge. The students will be invited to propose a conceptual design for an economically viable 300 passenger hypersonic aircraft. In this frame, Dr. Pablo Garcia Tello, Section Head of the Development of EU Projects & Initiatives of CERN, shared his viewpoint about the concept and the envisioned outcome of this initiative. 

    Read the full interview on the EASN website respective page.


  • TandemAEROdays19.20: Concept & Goals

    EASN Association is pleased to host an interview of Eng. Claudia Dobre, Coordinator of the project TandemAEROdays19.20, Head of International Cooperation Unit in the National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” – INCAS Bucharest, INCAS representative in the EREA Executive Secretariat (European Research Establishments in Aeronautics) and member of the Steering Committee of IFAR (International Forum for Aviation Research). Ms. Dobre introduces the concept and the strategic objectives of the AEROdays dual event, to be organized in Romania and in Germany the years 2019 and 2020 respectively. The first event built under the TandemAERodays19.20 concept will take place in Bucharest, from the 27th until the 31st of May 2019, during Romania’s mandate at the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union and is aiming to promote regional policies for research and education in aeronautics, to facilitate and encourage the participation of Eastern European countries to a high-level event and to share their expertise in specific areas of industrial competitiveness, taking full advantage of the opportunities fuelled by the enlargement of the EU. The AEROdays event is endorsed by the EASN Association.

    The full interview on the EASN website can be found here.


EASN supported projects: Latest news and achievements

  • At the time of our last update, the NHYTE project had approached its first anniversary (a first full year of operations). We are now in a “perfect storm” environment of the most impactful period of the project’s technical progress towards the development of a methodology that will enable the realization of innovative and green integrated aero-structures made by a new recyclable hybrid thermoplastic composite material with multifunctional capabilities. 
    During the past three months, the EU project has been actively engaged in many events and conferences. In particular, a NHYTE dedicated session took place in the frame of the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation” on the 4th of September, 2018 at the University of Glasgow, UK and it was chaired by Dr. Marco Barile (NHYTE Project Coordinator & CTO of NOVOTECH s.r.l). Our up-to-date progress and results were introduced through four presentations and a fruitful discussion with the attendees was raised.

    Additionally, our participation at the 5th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF V) from 20th to 22th of June, 2018 in Chios, Greece, paved the way for two open-access, scientific papers that were published in the proceedings of the conference under the titles: “Automated fabrication of hybrid thermoplastic prepreg material to be processed by In-Situ Consolidation Automated Fiber Placement process” and “Life cycle assessment and cost analysis evaluation of a helicopter's canopy production using different manufacturing processes”.
    Last but not least, Dr. M. Barile and the CEO of NOVOTECH s.r.l, Prof. Leonardo Lecce gave a very interesting interview, presenting the concept and activities of the project which is available for view here.

    For accessing the NHYTE open-access scientific publications, please visit the Zenodo NHYTE Community. For more information about the project please visit the NHYTE website.

  • Having completed its second year and hence a successful period of project activities, ICARUS presented its very positive up-to-date results and achievements during its dedicated session at the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation” on the 6th of September, 2018 in Glasgow, UK. The project introduced its current progress through the following presentations:

    1. Modelling, fabrication and characterization of nanocrystalline metal alloys for the aerospace sector: The ICARUS Project – Overview (N. A. Cordero).

    2. Prediction of mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials using Voronoi FE models of representative volume elements (P. Bazios, K. Tserpes, S. Pantelakis)

    3. Thermodynamic modelling of the stability of nanograined polycrystals (G. Kaptay, A. Dezso)

    4. Development and evaluation of nano-grains in tungsten based MMC (G. Gergely, D. Pethő, T. Mikó, M. Svéda, F. Kristály, K.Bohács, A. Roósz, Z. Gácsi)

    Additionally, during July 2018 the scientific paper of our colleague K. Tserpes entitled “Computation of elastic moduli of nanocrystalline materials using Voronoi models of representative volume elements” was published in the proceedings of the 5th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF V) and is available for open-access view here. Lastly, the consortium is currently organizing its Μ24 face-to-face meeting between partners that will be held at Treviso, Italy in the premises of the MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A. in order to discuss the latest scientific and technical achievements, the overall progress of the project and agree on next steps.

    For more information please visit the ICARUS website.

  • The Consortium of the SARAH project successfully organized a dual event, namely the High Speed Ditching Facility (HSDF) Inaugural event which took place at the CNR-INM premises in Rome, Italy on the 4th of October 2018.

    The main aim of this event was to present, to both EU and Italian level, the research activities performed within the SARAH project. The focus was targeted on the recent upgrade of the High Speed Ditching Facility (HSDF) at CNR INstitute of Marine engineering, enabling unprecedented opportunities for state-of-the-art large-scale validation tests on aircraft ditching.

    The HSDF inaugural event was followed by a facility tour and a technical workshop in the afternoon of the same day. During the inaugural event, policy makers, EU and stakeholders, including certification authorities, participated among others, whilst during the technical workshop, the SARAH project activities and main achievements (on both model development and testing activities) were presented. EU research institutions working in the same field were also invited to present their activities and to share knowledge.

    In the same time, the inclusion of a TV documentary in the Italian channel RAI 3 has been produced, with regards to the research performed within SARAH. The SARAH Colleague Alessandro Iafrati, presented the "High Speed Ditching Facility" Inaugural event in the program TGR Leonardo. Check this very interesting interview here at 12:35 and more information about the SARAH project here.

  • The EFFICOMP project moves towards the final months of its official duration and focuses on achieving the final milestones. In that frame a dual event was successfully conducted during the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”, which was held between 04th and 07th September, 2018 at the University of Glasgow, UK. Initially the Consortium organized a dedicated session which took place all along with the ECO-COMPASS project on the 6th of September, 2018 at Sir Charles Wilson building, Lecture Theatre, from 10:40 until 13:00. The session was co-chaired by Patrice Lefebure (AIRBUS / EFFICOMP) and Jens Bachmann (DLR / ECO-COMPASS). EFFICOMP's current progress and upcoming results were introduced through the following presentations:

    • Development of Innovative Curing Technologies within H2020 EFFICOMP Project, for Manufacture of HIG Performance CFRC Parts - P. Lefébure, J. Cinquin
    • Characterisation of the forming properties of wide unidirectional prepreg tapes using the advanced Ply Placement (APP) Process - K. Heudorfer, M. Engelfried, J. Fial, S. Carosella, P. Middendorf
    • Investigation on ultrasonic welding of CF/epoxy and CF/PEEK composites - E. Tsiangou, S. Teixeira de Freitas, I. Fernandez Villegas and R. Benedictus 
    • Assessment of manufacturing a leading edge using hybrid heating - P. Hilmer, A. Lami, M. Buggisch

    During the EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation” and more specifically the 5th of September the EFFICOMP Consortium conducted the M30 Progress Meeting, where the important work performed during this period was presented to members of the Consortium. Alongside the consortium partners elaborated on the planned actions for the following semester. For further information, please visit the EFFICOMP official website.

  • The FUCAM project moves towards the final months of its official duration and focuses on achieving the final milestones. At this time of the project's duration the Consortium focuses on participating to several high - impact events so as to present its interesting results. So far, FUCAM is glad to announce its strong participation in the "Cabin Innovation & Aircraft Seating" to be held on 04-06 December 2018, at the ZAL Tech Center, in Hamburg, Germany. FUCAM will be present at this event by organizing an interesting workshop on the 6th of December 2018 under the title: "Future Cabin for the Asian Market (FUCAM) – What could be the differentiator?" from 16:00 to 18:00. The attendees will get an insight into the project, the findings and design ideas elaborated in the last 3 years and will discuss on potential application scenarios. The presenters of this workshop will be Bruno Saint Jalmes – Chief Designer and Tobias Schmidt-Schäffer – Designer, both from AIRBUS Operations GmbH. Apart from that, FUCAM will be present in the IATA Wings of Change – Europe event and the 7th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies (AST 2019) on November 13 – 14, 2018 in Madrid, Spain and February 19 – 20, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany respectively where, Dipl. Ing. Ralf Schliwa will present the achievements of the project. In the same time FUCAM's concept and results have been presented in two very interesting articles:

    The articles offer a quick overview of the FUCAM key aims, the work undertaken so far and of some significant achievements within the frame of the project. In the same time and as FUCAM is about to complete its third year, all partners are working at full speed towards the successful finalisation of the project’s activities so as for FUCAM to contribute to the advancement of the current state of the art in cabin architecture, design and systems development so as to eventually develop the best cabin product, meeting the needs of the Asian market, and become the basis for further future work in this orientation. For more information and updates please visit FUCAM website and watch the FUCAM video

Coordination and Support Actions: Latest news

  • Radian Project

    The RADIAN Coordination and Support Action of the European Commission (www.h2020-radian.eu), aimed at achieving a more integrated European research environment in Aeronautics and Air Transport, has reached the milestone when it is directly contacting organizations in selected states to facilitate aeronautics and air transport related research cooperation. After investigation of opportunities and interests, selected regions of the following states are targeted: Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Turkey.

    Besides the above mentioned activities, the RADIAN project also focuses on enabling networking in the field of drone/UAS research. In this manner three workshops are organized, the first in Kiev in October, the second in Poland in December and the third in Budapest in March.

    Please contact the RADIAN Team directly if you would like to be linked to these activities: http://www.h2020-radian.eu/contact.

  • Reaching the end of the first year of its lifetime, ICARe has set solid bases to foster and facilitate cooperation between Europe and 21 third countries in the domain of Research and Innovation (R&I) for civil aviation. Constructive dialogues and exchanges are currently in progress with all involved countries, with the aim to reach the first two key milestones of the project on January & March 2019, namely: a) the selection of the 6th country for an Open Platform and b) the first set of recommendations to the European Commission on the perimeter of the 21 countries in terms of interest for future international cooperation.
    Following to the effective conclusion of the first 3 Bilateral Workshops with USA (FAA, Atlantic City, January 2018), China (DLR, Berlin, April 2018) and Russia (DLR, Berlin, April 2018), the first EU-Canada Workshop took place at the Canada House in London, UK on the 18th of July 2018, fertilizing the dialogue and identifying partnership opportunities between European and Canadian R&D leaders towards future Framework Programs in Europe. 
    In parallel, the assessment of past and current international cooperation in aviation, based on a dedicated survey and interviews has been completed. At the same time, the technology mapping in third countries, which is expected to substantially contribute to filling the technological needs identified in the SRIA of ACARE, is proceeding according to schedule. Last but not least, the ICARe consortium is now focusing efforts on the elaboration of the country profiles for the 21 third countries to support the selection of the 6th Open Platform. 
    The 12M meeting of ICARe is planned for the 16th and 17th of October at the premises of Dassault Aviation in Paris, while November will be dedicated to the organization of the 2nd set of Bilateral Workshops with China (5-7 November, Shenzhen, China) and Russia (27-29 November, Moscow, Russia).

    For more information and regular updates on the ICARe Project, please visit: www.icare-h2020.eu


Other latest news and achievements

  • Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and more specifically the Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) is currently searching for a University Professor for the specialist field of “Aircraft Systems”. The professorship for System Technology of Aircraft is linked to the research focus Computational Science & Engineering within the development plan of TU Wien. Focus of the professorship will be Aircraft Systems, especially in the areas of:

    - Aircrafts in the surrounding operational field

    - Systems in aircraft

    - Complex aircraft structures

    The Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers excellent working conditions in an attractive research area with a large potential for future development. The Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering resides in a modern, completely renovated building with new, modern infrastructure. A large number of cooperations with many partners in science and industry is well established. The Institute is very active in national, transnational and international projects and other programs of Scientific Excellence. For more information please visit this link

  • Morphing wing research at the University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute has won a Royal Aeronautical Society Written Paper Prize. Aerofoil morphing, which usually has a single degree of freedom, enables enhanced fuel efficiency and enlarged flight envelope. This study reveals that improved efficiency and control can be achieved by a morphing structure with controlled multiple degrees of freedom.

    This is realized using a truss-like aerofoil structure, which allows its shape to be finely adjusted by five independent actuators. High specific structural stiffness is also achieved. As verified by wind tunnel tests, switching between different morphing configurations leads to higher efficiency over a wider range of flight conditions, and enables pitching moment control independent of lift.

    To view the respective work, please click here. To view a video clip showing the aerofoil in motion, please visit the following link.

  • Researchers at the University of Manchester have introduced a spinning re-entry heat shield that deploys by centrifugal force through autorotation. Unlike inflatable structures or umbrella-type deployable mechanisms, the proposed design has the potential to be lightweight, compact and robust. The advantages mainly come from its fully passive self-regulated operation, as well as its simple construction and low requirement on thermal protection.

    The design uses a CubeSat-sized entry heat shield made from a stitched ceramic fabric. When partially folded, the shield forms a spiral shape to induce the autorotation. In addition, this passive self-regulated centrifugal deployment can also be applied to other deployable systems, such as the heliogyro-type solar sail proposed by the Manchester Aerospace research group.

    For the heat shield paper (in press), please click here and for the solar sail paper (in press), please click here. To view the video of a drop test, please click here.

  • The SIMFAL H2020 CleanSky 2 project is part of the ACCLAIM project, whose objective is to analyse, plan and optimize automated assembly tasks of cabin and cargo interior parts, with a coexistence between human workforce and machines (lightweight robots and AGVs). The SIMFAL framework integrates VR and AR systems to help the user to work in limited spaces, collaborating with automation systems. 

    The VR system will help the user to visualize different assembly processes in an immersive environment, and evaluate them in terms of time and ergonomics to choose the best one. The output of this system will feed the AR system, that will use the best process to guide the user though the assembly tasks, showing context-sensitive information about the tasks and the environment through a help assistant.

    For more information and updates, please visit the SIMFAL website.


  • The Experiment n. 906 of the Fortissimo 2 project, termed “Cross-Solver Cloud-based Tool for Aeronautical FSI Applications”, showcased how the aero-structural optimization of the winglet of the P180 Avanti EVO mid-size business jet can be performed through the use of the RBF4AERO platform running on a cloud-based, high-performance computing (HPC) environment.

    A fully coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) computation was performed using structural and fluid-dynamic cases with non-matching wetted surfaces adopting the mode-superposition approach. The multi-objective optimization made use of Evolutionary Algorithms assisted by surrogate models and a Radial Basis Functions technique to enable fast mesh morphing. Despite the excellent aerodynamic performances of the baseline geometry, the fine optimization was capable to find room for further improvements demonstrating an undeniable industrial and economical value of the offered service.

    For further information please visit the official RBF4AERO platform and the Fortissimo 2 Experiment n. 906 website or send your request to Dr. Emiliano Costa.

  • The 1st European Conference on Crashworthiness of Composite Structures (ECCCS-1) will be held on 19-22nd November 2019 in Riddel Hall at Queen’s University Belfast (UK), under the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network ICONIC. More information and key-dates for abstract submission and registration will be shared on the ICONIC website and a dedicated ECCCS-1 website from October 2018.

    Main themes (tentative) of ECCCS-1:
    • Composite material development and characterization
    • Numerical modelling of impact and crush behaviour
    • Structural and joint design for maximizing energy absorption 
    • Experimental testing
    For more information please visit the official ICONIC project website and the ECCCS-1 website (available from October 2018).
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