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  • Parliamentary Breakfast & Open Workshop


    A look into the history of aviation shows that major breakthroughs with major economic and societal impacts were inspired and developed by strictly scientific approaches and enabled by synergies between the industry, the academic world and national and transnational authorities. Furthermore, the current EC objectives, such as the upcoming “missions”, target a strong societal and economic impact. A question of how the academic world can most efficiently contribute on achieving these objectives will be addressed, on April 12th, 2018, when EASN will be holding in Brussels a dual event, dedicated on Aeronautics Academia.

    A Parliamentary Breakfast, hosted by MEP Dr. Dieter-Lebrecht KOCH, Vice-chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) and MEP Mrs. Monika Hohlmeier, Chair of the Intergroup "Sky & Space". The Parliamentary Breakfast will be followed by an Open EASN Workshop, to be held at the premises of the European Commission. Both events will have the same topic, namely “Accelerated impact of academia aviation research for improved air transport for all European citizens”. 

    In the same time, a promising approach will be presented in the EASN Open Workshop, aiming to further develop an open and innovative European research area in aviation. More Details for both events can be found here. It is worthmentioning that the Parliamentary Breakfast has been fully booked while, a little big longer has taken to fully book also the EASN Workshop

    Spiros Pantelakis, professor at the University of Patras and Chairman of the EASN Association, shares his thoughts on the improtance of this dual event. Read his full interview on the EASN website respective page.

  • 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation

    The forthcoming September, the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation will take place at the Sir Charles Wilson Building and Gilmore Hill Center Rooms of the University of Glasgow between the 4th and the 7th September 2018. The Conference is co-organized by the EASN Association, the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) and the University of Glasgow, and it will be the first joined event of EASN and CEAS.

    So far, the Conference has attracted a considerable number of presentations, whilst, several sessions have been confirmed, covering a series of topics, satisfying the scopes of the event. Furthermore, a number of research projects have been included in dedicated sessions, exploiting the opportunity to disseminate their results and achievements during the event. In the same time and following to the request of several authors the deadline for abstract submission for the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation is shifted to the 15th of April 2018

    Moreover, nine (9) distinguished personalities of the Aeronautics Community will give interesting key – note lectures in the frame of the Workshop. They are in alphabetical orde underneith: 

    “Future Factory of Large Passenger Aircraft – Research in CleanSky 2 and beyond”
    Jens Koenig, Coordinator CleanSky2 LPA, Airbus Operations GmbH

    “Manufacturing challenges for next generation fast rotorcraft - Outstanding opportunities for research establishments in Europe”
    Catalin NaeChairman of Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA)

    “Contribution to progress in Manufacturing: Clean Sky achievements”
    Giuseppe Pagnano, Coordinating Project Officer, Clean Sky Joint Undertaking

    “The challenge of accelerating impact of academic aviation research for increased competitiveness of the European Aeronautics: the EASN approach”
    Spiros PantelakisProfessor of the University of Patras – Chairman of the EASN Association

    TBA, Andrew SchofieldHead of Manufacturing & Materials Engineering in the Air Sector, BAE Systems

    “IABG Aircraft Testing Activities”
    Konstantinos StavrinidisCEO Executive Adviser and Special Projects, IABG (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH)

    “Pioneering in Hypersonic Transportation: Technological Challenges, Paradigms and Paradoxes”
    Johan Steelant, Senior Project Engineer, European Space Agency (ESA)

    TBA, Tom WilliamsExecutive Vice President Programmes, Airbus UK

    TBA, European Commission, DG RTD, H3 Aviation unit

    In this context, Konstantinos Kontis, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at University of Glasgow and Chairman of the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop, gives the rationale behind the concept of this interesting event hereMore information about the workshop will be posted on a regular basis on the EASN website as well as on the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop official website.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    EASN Association recently launched a new activity, the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme.

    “Continuous Professional Development” is a series of affordable, current and industry relevant training and educational courses across a range of subject areas aligned to edge research of high industrial and academic significance provided be the European Aeronautics Science Network in close co-operation with highly skilled professionals. Each course is offered to a strictly limited number of participants so as to make a condensed and intensive course manageable and at same time ensure interaction between the trainers and the attendees and an in-depth understanding of the matter of the course.

    The first CPD activity, entitled: "Electrification of Transport Aircraft: Design, Flight and Flow Control Systems Integration", has already attracted the interest of a numerous participants. It will be attached to the 8th EASN – CEAS International Workshop on Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation in Glasgow, UK, on Friday 7th September 2018 and it is addressed to professionals, industrialists, as well as PhD students from inside and outside Europe. It is focused on aspects related to all-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems and components including electric based flow control systems and their integration. The course will also discuss challenges related to the electrification of transport aircraft and its impact.

    For more information regarding the agenda and the registration process please visit the CPDs minisite.

  • Clean Sky Academy

    Clean Sky 2 presents its new Academy for young researchers; with the aim of creating a stronger bond with young scientists to invent the future of aviation. To date, Clean Sky has worked mainly with universities and research centres. Students have the opportunity to participate directly in the Clean Sky programme with these research projects, and perhaps, receive the Clean Sky Academy Award.

    Dr. Jean-Francois Brouckaert, Project Officer Sustainable and Green Engines at Clean Sky, offered an interview about the role and involvement of the Clean Sky Academy to the European Academic Community. Read the full interview on the EASN website respective page.

  • ACARE INternational COoperation (INCO)

    In 2014-2015 ACARE tasked a specific group “ACARE INCO” (International Cooperation) to address International Cooperation in the field of aviation. In the frame of this action, and for the second newsletter of 2018, the EASN Association is pleased to host an interview of Dr. Guy Gallic.

    Dr. Guy Gallic, a graduate engineer and holder of an MBA, spent a large part of his career in the Thales and Airbus groups where he held various positions: research engineer, development manager, contract manager, commercial developer, sales and strategy manager. His last position within the Airbus group was Director Research and Innovation where he initiated, in an international environment, activities in the fields of the high-speed aircraft, of the "all electrical airplane" and of the airport "friend and lean". He is currently president of the ACARE INCO group as a consultant for GIFAS. He is also employed by Erdyn as coordinator of the ICARe contract with the European Commission.

    Read his full interview on the EASN website.

  • Initiative for Science in Europe

    The European Aeronautics Science Network, has recently been introduced as an observer in ISE, the “Initiative for Science in Europe”. This is the umbrella organisation for those European Associations where individual professionals are organised in their respective fields in science and engineering, such as the European Physical Society (EPS) or the European Crystallographic Association (ECA).

    ISE has in the past played a crucial role in lobbying for the establishment of the European Research Council (ERC) and the related European funding programmes. Over the years there has been diverse activities such as organising workshops, publishing position papers, and maintaining a permanent dialogue with leading policy makers in Brussels. Also members of EASN already contributed actively to the activities of ISE such as a presentation of Dr. Helge Pfeiffer general secretary of EASN at the workshop “Is there a funding gap on collaborative research in Europe?“ organised in Brussels in April 2016.

    After some internal administrative changes, the association re-started recently and will certainly play an active role in the process of preparing the new work programmes, including FP9. At the moment the board of directors of EASN discusses to change our status from observer to a full membership. In this way EASN obtains new possibilities to actively contribute to the research policies at European level, and ISE in turn enforces its expertise concerning the needs of engineering sciences. Find more details about the “Initiative for Science in Europe” in the ISE official website.

Other latest news and achievements

  • The RADIAN project aims on supporting the establishment of sustainable aviation Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) collaboration at the regional level. Its ultimate goal is to achieve a more integrated European AAT research environment, with a more balanced distribution of economic and RDI activities in Europe. As a first step, EU member states, candidate countries, and associated countries were analyzed at NUTS2 regions level so as to understand why several regions have, on the one hand, enough aviation research capabilities, but, on the other hand, are underrepresented in such collaborative research at EU level, specifically in H2020 and CS2. After pretty sophisticated analysis 26 regions have been selected as appropriate for further actions. 
    Consequently, the next steps of the project have been:

    a) to understand the needs and demands of these identified regions; and

    b) to implement an intensive coaching campaign in a number of target regions acting as “pilots”.

    Within the campaign the trainers will provide background and hands-on knowledge which shall enable regional actors to increase their visibility in regional, national, and European networks, to demonstrate competence, competitiveness etc. and to raise awareness of potential gaps. During the past months, the RADIAN team organized numerous workshops with regional actors from industry, academia, research establishments, and authorities. The workshops revealed the individual characteristics of regions, their visions and strategies, their expectations, needs and capabilities and thus paved the way towards customized coaching sessions. For more information about RADIAN please visit the RADIAN official website


  • The FUCAM project has entered the final year of its lifetime and at this period, focuses mainly on achieving its final milestones. At first, the consortium is glad to announce its participation in the Aircraft Interiors Expo to be held at the Hamburg Messe in Germany, from 10th to 12th of April 2018. FUCAM’s presence will be hosted by Bertrandt in Booth 6F94. The Aircraft Interiors Expo is the world’s leading event for airlines and the supply chain to source the latest innovations, technologies and products for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries.

    Furthermore, the consortium arranges its 3rd Intercontinental Concept Detailing Workshop, hosted by Airbus in Hamburg, Germany in May 2018. The workshop will be focused on the cabin concept assessment based on the performed progress on visualizations and VR mock-ups.

    For more information about the project progress please visit the official FUCAM website.  

  • International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology” (HiSST), will be held in Moscow from the 26th till the 29th of November 2018, hosted by “Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky” (TsAGI) and will be supported by the International Association CEAS, the Council of European Aerospace Societies. 

    This conference aims to promote the scientific community and industry from around the globe to discuss openly fundamentals and enabling technologies applicable for high-speed vehicles and with this inaugural event, we endeavor to create a basis for follow-up international scientific conferences in this area.

    Also you can register before April 15, 2018

    All information you can find in the below mentioned links:



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