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Interview of Professor Spiros Pantelakis, Chairman of the EASN Association
Professor Spiros Pantelakis, Chairman of the EASN Association, comments on the Horizon 2020 and highlights the main points of the EASN position paper on Horizon 2020.
Date published: 15.03.2013
Progress in the activities of ACARE Monitoring Group presented by the EASN representative Prof. J. Rohacs
ACARE Monitoring Group is a group of representatives of the ACARE stakeholders.
The Monitoring Group is a permanent group of ACARE in charge of monitoring the progress in development of aeronautics, aeronautical industry and air transport against the objectives defined for middle and long term strategic documents.
Date published: 14.03.2013
EU-Russia Research cooperation, a chance for mutual benefits
Summarised and described by Prof. Zdobyslaw Goraj, Member of EASN Board of Directors
Date published: 14.03.2013
Views and opinions on International collaboration


  • Mr Alessandro Damiani (Head of Unit, European Commission DG RTD), Mr Stephen Godwin (Director, Studies and Special Programs of the TRB) and Dr George Kotsikos (Newrail, Newcastle University, HERMES project coordinator) share their views on the importance of International collaboration in Transport research and the way forward.


Date published: 11.03.2013
The Joint European Technology Platform (ETP)
The first two workshops of the Joint European Technology Platform (ETP) Task Force on infrastructure research for the new European research frame programme "Horizon 2020" were organized in September 2012 and February 2013 in Brussels.

Summarized and presented by Dr. Helge Pfeiffer, KU Leuven.
Date published: 09.03.2013
EASN endorsed projects for the 6th FP7 call: Outcome and lessons learned
Having coordinated the EASN projects endorsement process and now knowing the final outcome, I feel the obligation to share with all the EASN members and especially with those who actively assisted and participated in the process the final results and some main conclusions from my point of view.
Date published: 08.03.2013
Interview of Mr. Eric Dautriat, Executive Director of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
Mr. Eric Dautriat, in his capacity of Executive Director of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, explains the current status of the negotiations regarding "Clean Sky 2" and its main goals.
Date published: 04.12.2012
Interview of Mr Giovanni Bertolone, Chairman of the ASD R&T Commission
Mr. Giovanni Bertolone, in his capacity of Chairman of R&T Commission in ASD shared his views and opinions on the cooperation of the European Aeronautics Industry with the Academia.
Date published: 03.12.2012
EASN participation at the ASD Convention
EASN had a significant presence at the last ASD Convention which was held in Lisbon on October 10-12, 2012. This presence is indicative of the very good cooperation and relations between the Association of AeroSpace and Defence Industries and the European Aeronautics Science Network Association.
Date published: 24.11.2012
EASN views on Horizon 2020
EASN was invited by the European Commission to express the academia view concerning Horizon 2020, with respect to  aeronautics.
Date published: 23.11.2012
Survey in the frame of EDUCAIR Project
In the frame of EDUCAIR Project a survey is being conducted with two main purposes:
Date published: 22.11.2012
The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) vol1 and draft vol2 are now available online.

Date published: 25.09.2012
The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) has been launched and presented to the public during the ILA Air Show in Berlin
The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is the new  strategic roadmap for aviation research, development and innovation developed by ACARE that accounts for both the evolution of technology as well as radical changes or 'technology shocks'.
Date published: 20.09.2012
Consultation on the preparation of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under Horizon 2020
European Commission launched a public consultation on the preparation of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under Horizon 2020 and supporting the Clean Sky 2 Impact assessment. Closing date is 4th of October 2012.
Date published: 02.08.2012
EASN endorsed projects for 6th FP7 call at infodays
The EASN endorsed projects were presented at the FP7 Transport Research "infodays", held in Brussels on 18 and 19 July 2012.
Date published: 24.07.2012