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Interview of Valerie Guenon, SAFRAN's VP Technology Strategy
Mrs. Valerie Guenon shares her views on women under-representation in the Aeronautics industry and academia.
Date published: 15.03.2016
Interview of Alexandra Karanika, Project Engineer Scheduling of Research Projects at the Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A
Dr. Alexandra Karanika talks to us on the gender imbalance within the aviation and aerospace professions.
Date published: 15.03.2016
Interview of Maria Angeles Martin Prats, Associate Professor at University of Seville
Prof. Maria Angeles Martin Prats gives her opinion on challenges and barriers women in aviation and aerospace industry face.
Date published: 15.03.2016
Parliamentary breakfast & EASN workshop on upstream research
Hosted by MEP Dr. Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, the EASN Association organised on Tuesday, February 16th 2016 a Parliamentary Breakfast in the premises of the European Parliament. Under the title: "Taking off to the future of European Aviation; is aviation science still on board?" several Members of the European Parliament (MEP) as well as numerous participants from the aviation community were present to be informed and to discuss on highly relevant topics.
Date published: 24.02.2016
EASN Newsletter - December 2015
The third periodic EASN newsletter of 2015 is now published.
Date published: 15.12.2015
Interview of Professor Joachim Szodruch, Chairman of the Board of Hamburg Aviation
Professor Joachim Szodruch, Chairman of the Board of Hamburg Aviation, evaluates the efforts made in the frame of FP7 to reach the targets set by the Vision 2020, comments on the realization of Horizon 2020 in Aeronautics-related upstream research, discusses the role of Academia in the new context, and many more.
Date published: 09.12.2015
New EASN representatives in ACARE
Having completed a term of more than 3 years and in view of the SRIA update which officially kicked of a few days ago, EASN has renewed its nominated representatives in the ACARE Working Groups.
Date published: 09.12.2015
Interview of Mr. Piet-Christof Woelcken, Project Coordinator of the SARISTU project
Mr. Piet-Christof Woelcken (Airbus Operations GmbH), Project Coordinator of the SARISTU project, shares his experience on managing the most successful Level-2 project in Aviation funded under FP7.
Date published: 24.11.2015
OPTICS socio-economic impact assessment
Your feedback is important!
Date published: 29.07.2015
EASN Newsletter - July 2015
The second periodic EASN newsletter of 2015 is now published.
Date published: 20.07.2015
Interview of Professor Spiros Pantelakis, Chairman of the EASN Association
Professor Spiros Pantelakis, Chairman of the EASN Association, shares his thoughts on the implementation of H2020 in Aeronautics.
Date published: 20.07.2015
Call for Expression of Interest
The European Parliament is issuing a call for Expression of Interest in order to compile a list of scientific/academic experts to provide independent and on-hand external expertise for the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN).
Date published: 20.07.2015
EASN Newsletter - April 2015
The first periodic EASN newsletter of 2015 is now published.
Date published: 16.04.2015
The 2nd CATER e-book is now available!
The newly released edition includes an overview of Europe's vision, goals and research agenda for aviation, as well as the main annual achievements and findings of the CATER Coordination and Support Action. Found out all about it here.
Date published: 29.03.2015
Interview with ACARE chairman Peter F. Hartman (KLM-Air France), assisted by Ruben M. Ablas and Michiel Q. Laumans
Peter F. Hartman, chairman of ACARE and Vice-Chairman Air France KLM, evaluates the ACARE goals and long-term strategy, appraises the potential role of Academia on realizing these goals, as well as expresses his views on the new set-up of the Horizon2020 Programme.
Date published: 24.02.2015