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EASN newsletter -July 2011

The first periodic EASN newsletter is now published...

Since several European entities compile and publish newsletters, the question which had to be answered before undertaking this initiative was "is one more newsletter needed?". After careful assessment of the current European scene, the EASN Board of Directors decided to proceed with the publication of a periodic EASN newsletter which will:

  • Focus on publishing the European Academic viewpoint with respect to the current scene in European research. The aim is to serve as a means of communication between the European Academia and the other Aeronautics stakeholders.
  • Act as a forum for EASN members to publically express their views and opinions on critical issues, promote news from the EASN members and host dedicated information.
  • Promote topics of interest to the European Academia (e.g by interviews with key-persons)
  • Publish and promote news and specific capabilities of the EASN members
  • Promote EASN events or other events of interest of the European Academia

For this first issue, we would be happy to receive your views, comments and suggestions for further improvement of the contents, in order to make this newsletter as interactive as possible. The newsletter is available for on-line viewing here

Date posted: July 25, 2013, 7:21 am

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