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Progress in the activities of ACARE Monitoring Group presented by the EASN representative Prof. J. Rohacs

ACARE Monitoring Group is a group of representatives of the ACARE stakeholders.
The Monitoring Group is a permanent group of ACARE in charge of monitoring the progress in development of aeronautics, aeronautical industry and air transport against the objectives defined for middle and long term strategic documents.

The group has regular meetings and discussions on the monitoring methodology, analysis of the results, evaluation of the progress as well as on the new strategic materials.
Last several months the Monitoring Group prepared its views on Horizon 2020 Implementation. It defines its primary criterion as achievements of the goals stated in Flightpath 2050 and further elaboration into justifiable research needs in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda produced by ACARE.
The Monitoring Group has underlined necessary to move research from ideas to greater levels of maturity/technology readiness, which can be realized by supporting a series of projects from level zero up to the level 3. That means the hierarchy of project should be supported in which projects level zero are the upstream research, level 1 projects develop new technologies, level 2 projects integrate the activities and large project of level 3 demonstrate the new results.

For our (EASN) community is important that, the Monitoring Group includes into its views on Horizon 2020 Implementation the following sentence: "New ideas researched by the European academic and research centre capabilities will be essential if air transport is to meet the aviation challenges".

Date posted: March 14, 2013, 3:13 pm

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