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Institutions in FRANCE

FRANCE has 20 identified contacts dealing with aeronautics.

Members of the EASN Association
No Membership Contact Person University / Laboratory or Institution Website View
1 Individual Mr sylvain prudhomme Airbus - view
2 Industry Dr Romain Ecault Airbus Operations - view
3 Individual Mr Quignard Alain Quignard IFPEN - view
4 Individual Dr Michel BOUSTIE ISAE-ENSMA http://www.isae-ensma.fr view
5 Individual Mr Nathan GRANGE Daher - view
6 Individual Mr Maxime Sagnard CNRS - view
7 Individual Mr Perelgritz Jean-Francois Airbus Group Innovations - view
8 Individual Mr Gallic Guy Airbus Operations SAS - view
9 Individual Mr Dunyach Jean-Claude Airbus Operations SAS - view
10 Individual Mr Schmollgruber Peter ONERA - view
11 Individual Prof Dussauge Jean-Paul IUSTI, AMU & CNRS - view
12 Individual Dr Chauvat Yann ATR - view
13 Individual Dr Arbez Pierre AIRBUS Operations SAS - view
14 Individual Prof Gigliotti Marco University of Poitiers - CNRS - ISAE-ENSMA http://www.pprime.fr/?q=en/gigliotti-marco view
15 Individual Mr Julien SIMON LMS INTL http://www.lmsintl.com view
16 Individual Dr Nicolas Benard Institute PPRIME - view
17 Individual Mrs BRUNET Muriel ONERA http://www.onera.fr view
18 Individual Prof Henaff Gilbert P’ Institute - ENSMA - view
19 Individual Prof Most Jean-Michel CNRS, Institut Pprime, Futuroscope, France - view
20 Individual Mr Eric Deletombe ONERA (The French Aerospace Agency) http://www.onera.fr view