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Institutions in ITALY

ITALY has 35 identified contacts dealing with aeronautics.

Members of the EASN Association
No Membership Contact Person University / Laboratory or Institution Website View
1 Individual Dr Chiaramonti David Chiaramonti Univ of Florence / RE-CORD - view
2 Individual Ms Silvagni Sara Deep Blue srl http://www.dblue.it/ view
3 Individual Dr Fioriti Marco Politecnico di Torino http://www.polito.it/index.php?lang=en view
4 Individual Dr Deambrosis Silvia Maria CNR-ICMATE http://www.icmate.cnr.it/it/ view
5 Individual Mrs Raimondo Marialuigia University of Salerno - Department of Industrial Engineering - view
6 Individual Mr Papetti Roberto Robby Moto Engineering - view
7 Individual Mrs Mariconda Annaluisa Department of Chemistry and Biology, University of Salerno - view
8 Individual Dr Gilioli Andrea Politecnico di Milano - view
9 Individual Mr Luca Cirrottola Politecnico di Milano http://www.aero.polimi.it view
10 Individual Mr Albertoni Andrea Robby Moto Engineering - view
11 Individual Dr Costa Emiliano DAppolonia SpA http://www.dappolonia.it/en view
12 Individual Dr Travaglini Lorenzo Politecnico di Milano - view
13 Individual Prof Ricci Sergio University of Patras - view
14 Individual Dr Gagnon Louis Politecnico di Milano - view
15 Individual Prof Fino Paolo Politecnico di Torino http://www.polito.it view
16 Individual Dr Barra Giuseppina university of Salerno http://www.unisa.it view
17 Individual Dr lamberti Patrizia University of Salerno http://www.unisa.it view
18 Individual Mr Apuleo Gianvito Piaggio Aero Industries http://www.piaggioaero.com view
19 Individual Dr Vescovini Riccardo Politecnico di Milano - view
20 Individual Prof castellini paolo UNIVPM - view
21 Individual Dr Martarelli Milena Università eCampus - view
22 Individual Ms Cariglino Filomena Politecnico di Torino - view
23 Individual Prof Quagliotti Fulvia politecnico di Torino http://www.polito.it view
24 Individual Prof Chiarelli Mario Rosario Dept. Aerospace Eng. - Pisa http://www.dia.unipi.it view
25 University Lab Prof Tucci Vincenzo University of Salerno / Lab. of Electromagnetic Characterization of Materials (LCEM) http://www.unisa.it/Dipartimenti/DIIIE/laboratori/labt16/index.php view
26 Individual Prof Guadagno Liberata University of Salerno http://www3.unisa.it/ view
27 Individual Mr Bozzolo Alessandro D’APPOLONIA - view
28 Individual Dr Fiori Fabrizio Università Politecnica delle Marche http://www.univpm.it/fabrizio.fiori view
29 Individual Mr Merazzi Silvio SMR SA - view
30 Individual Dr Vezzu Simone associazione Civen - view
31 Individual Prof MARTELLI FRANCESCO UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE http://www.unifi.it view
32 Individual Prof Pirondi Alessandro University of Parma - Dept. of Industrial Engineering http://www.unipr.it view
33 University Lab Prof Vittoria Vittoria vvittoria@unisa.it / Chemical for technology http://www.unisa.it view
34 Individual Prof Settineri Luca Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici http://www.istec.cnr.it view
35 Individual Prof Mario Guagliano Politecnico di Milano Department of Mechanical Engineering http://www.polimi.it view