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Institutions in SWEDEN

SWEDEN has 6 identified contacts dealing with aeronautics.

Members of the EASN Association
No Membership Contact Person University / Laboratory or Institution Website View
1 Individual Mr Munjulury Raghu Chaitanya LiU http://www.iei.liu.se/flumes?l=en view
2 Individual Prof Rizzi Arthur Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) - view
3 Individual Mrs Altkvist Christina Saab AB http://www.saabgroup.com view
4 Individual Mr Nystrom Stefan Saab http://www.saabgroup.com/ view
5 Individual Mr Olsson Robin Swerea SICOMP AB - view
6 University Lab Prof Peng Shia-Hui Swedish Defence Research Agency / efence & Security, Systems and Technology http://www.foi.se view