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Institutions in POLAND

POLAND has 24 identified contacts dealing with aeronautics.

Members of the EASN Association
No Membership Contact Person University / Laboratory or Institution Website View
1 Individual Dr Mieloszyk Jacek Warsaw University of Technology - view
2 Individual Dr Figat Marcin Warsaw University of Technology - view
3 Individual Dr Cezary Galinski Instytut Lotnictwa http://ilot.edu.pl/kadra-naukowa/pracownicy/galinski-cezary/ view
4 Individual Mr Lukasik Borys Institute of Aviation http://ilot.edu.pl/en/ view
5 Individual Dr Malinowski Pawel Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences http://www.imp.gda.pl/en/research-centres/o4/o4z1/people/?tx_wecstaffdirectory_pi1%5Bcurstaff%5D=288&cHash=99e3c7de41cdf2013f4b8c6e425b9e49 view
6 Individual Mr Stezycki Pawel Institute of Aviation http://www.ilot.edu.pl view
7 Individual Dr Bakunowicz Jerzy Rzeszow University of Technology - view
8 Individual Dr Sznajder Janusz Warsaw Institut of Aviation (Instytut Lotnictwa) - view
9 Individual Mr Piwek Krzysztof Warsaw Institut of Aviation (Instytut Lotnictwa) - view
10 Individual Mr Iwaniuk Andrzej Warsaw Institut of Aviation (Instytut Lotnictwa) - view
11 Individual Prof Goetzendorf-Grabowski Tomasz Warsaw University of Technology http://http://meil.pw.edu.pl/add/ADD/Staff/TGG view
12 Individual Mrs Cichocka Ewa Warsaw Institut of Aviation (Instytut Lotnictwa) http://ioa.edu.pl/ view
13 Individual Prof Ostachowicz Wieslaw Polish Academy of Sciences (IFFM) - view
14 Individual Ms Grzegorczyk Katarzyna INSTITUT LOTNICTWA - view
15 Individual Mr Stalewski Wienczyslaw INSTITUT LOTNICTWA - view
16 Individual Mr Zoltak Jerzy INSTITUT LOTNICTWA - view
17 Individual Dr Lapka Piotr Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering http://www.eng.itc.pw.edu.pl/ view
18 Individual Dr Kubacki Slawomir Warsaw University of Technology http://c-cfd.meil.pw.edu.pl/ view
19 Individual Mr Majka Andrzej Rzeszow University of Technology http://www.prz.edu.pl view
20 Research Establishment Dr Parafiniak Maciej Institute of Aviation http://www.ilot.edu.pl view
21 Individual Dr Czarnocki Piotr Warsaw University of Technology - view
22 Individual Dr Debski Daniel Warsaw University of Technology http://ipbm.simr.pw.edu.pl/pwzimp/index.html view
23 Individual Prof Tomasz Sadowski Lublin University of Technology http://www.akropolis.pol.lublin.pl/users/sadowski/index.htm view
24 Individual Prof Goraj Zdobyslaw Warsaw University of Technology https://www.meil.pw.edu.pl/eng/PAE2/Institutes/IAAM view