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Who can become a member

Any individual with interest in Aeronautics and Aeronautics related research may become a member of EASN. In addition, entities such as Research Establishments, SMEs, Industries and Universities are welcome to join the EASN. The various membership types of EASN are as follows:

Effective members (with voting rights)
- Individuals from European Academia or other University-similar organizations, who are active in Aeronautics related research.

Associate members
- Individuals from Research establishments, SMEs and Industries, who are active in aeronautical research activities and cooperate with the academia.
- Entities such as Universities, University departments, REs, SMEs, Industries, other associations, professional organisations or governmental agencies (e.g. EEC) subscribing to the objectives of the Association.
- Each entity will be represented by a single person.

Honorary members
- The title of Honorary Member or Honorary President may be granted by the General Assembly to persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Association. - Honorary President takes juris et de jure part in the General Assembly and Board meetings with a consultative vote.