Sub-Domain: Engine Health Monitoring

6 Afilliations

Members of the EASN Association
No Membership Contact Person University / Laboratory or Institution Country Website
1 University Mr Rybalchenko Igor National Aerospace University UKRAINE
EASN database entries (possibly outdated)
No University or Institution Institute / Laboratory Country Contact Website
1 CENAERO BELGIUM Dr Bertrand Herry
2 Middle East Technical University Department of Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering Propulsion Laboratory (AEPL) TURKEY Assistant Professor Oguz Uzol
3 University of Manchester School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering UNITED KINGDOM Dr Kostas Kontis
4 Chalmers University of Technology Thermo & Fluid Dynamics SWEDEN Prof Ulf H?ll
5 University of Manchester Manchester School of Engineering UNITED KINGDOM Professor Jonathan Cooper
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