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  • ASD
    AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe
  • ASDA
    ASDA is an Association for independent European organisations active in Scientific Research & Development in Air Traffic Management.
  • CEAS
    The Council of European Aerospace Societies
  • EACP
    European Aerospace Cluster Partnership
    European Research Community On Flow, Turbulence And Combustion
  • EREA
    Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics
  • IFAR
    International Forum for Aviation Research
  • NASC
    Network of Aeronautic and Space Centres: Polish enterprises, research institutes and universities with R&D in aeronautics and space
    Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities
  • RAeS
    The Royal Aeronautical Society


Other Links

    The wiki for ideas in Aeronautics & Air Transport
  • The Aeronautical Journal
    Link to the Aeronautical journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
  • the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences
    EUCASS, the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences, was created by European scientists and engineers to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers an

Research Establishments

  • CIRA
    Italian Aerospace Research Centre
  • DLR
    German Aerospace Centre
  • FOI
    Swedish Defense Research Agency
  • INTA
    Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
  • NLR
    Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (National Aerospace Laboratory NLR)
    Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales
  • QinetiQ
    Science and technology powerhouse formed from the major part of DERA, the British Government's defence research and development organisation

Research Projects

  • AircraftFire
    The project AircraftFire is aimed at an increase of passenger survivability in new generation of aircraft during major fire scenarios such as in-flight fires and post-crash fires.
    Cold Spray Radical Solutions for Aeronautic Improved Repairs
    Extended Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Bonds
  • HAIC
    HAIC (High Altitude Ice Crystals) is a large-scale integrated project which aims at enhancing aircraft safety when flying in mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions.
    High speed key technologies for future air transport
  • i-VISION
    Immersive Semantics-based Virtual Environments for the Design and Validation of Human-centred Aircraft Cockpits
  • IASS
    Improving Aircraft Safety by Self-Healing Structure and Protecting Nanofillers
    Innovative bifunctional aircraft window for lighting control to enhance passenger comfort
  • INMA
    Innovative Manufactoring of Complex Ti sheet components
  • JTI Clean Sky
    The European research and development programme on green aeronautics
    Quantitative Inspection of Complex Composite Aeronautic Parts Using Advanced X-ray Techniques
    SMART INTELLIGENT AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES: Level 2 project, addressing aircraft weight and operational cost reductions as well as an improvement in the flight profile specific aerodynamic performance
    SESAR is the European air traffic control infrastructure modernization program.
    Uncertainty Management for Robust Industrial Design in Aeronautics

Supporting Actions

  • Aero-Ukraine
    Stimulating Ukraine – EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation
  • AeroPortal
    Coordination Action Pro “Production, Avionics, Design” On Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics
    Coordinating Air transport Time Efficiency Research
    Central-European Aeronautical Research Initiative
    COOPERATEUS aims to establish and foster communication and cooperation between US and EU research in civil aeronautics
    The Aeronautical EU-US R&T cooperation platform
  • CREATE project
    The CREATE consortium requests the air transport community (companies, universities, individual student, people with bright ideas) to expand the Innopedia website with revolutionary and innovative ideas to prepare the community for the future.
    The HERMES project aims to develop a closer and more effective communication, between researchers working in the field of transport technologies in the EU, and their counterparts around the world by facilitating the exchange of information and developing
    Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety
  • Promo-Air
    Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research
    The Sunjet Project is dedicated to foster the cooperation between Europe and Japan in the field of Aerospace research innovation

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