EASN Interest Groups (IGs)

With the aim to act complementary to the industry and to the research establishments, the EASN Interest Groups will be based on the ACARE/ASTERA Taxonomy. On the basis of this taxonomy, EASN has defined the following areas of interest:

Area of InterestEstablished Interest Groups
1Flight PhysicsTopics of the Area:
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Unsteady Aerodynamics
Aeronautical Propulsion Integration
Airflow control
High Lift Devices
Wing Design
Aerodynamics of External and Removable items
Wind tunnel Testing/Technology
Wind tunnel Measuring Techniques
Computational Acoustics
External Noise Prediction
1.1 Vortical Structures
IG Leader:Thrassos Panidis
IG leader email: panidis@mech.upatras.gr
1.2 Intake Aerodynamics and Integration
IG Leader:David Macmanus
IG leader email: d.g.macmanus@cranfield.ac.uk
2AerostructuresTopics of the Area:
Metallic Materials & basic processes
Non-Metallic Materials & basic processes
Composite Materials & basic processes
Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Technologies
Structural Analysis and Design
Buckling, Vibrations and Acoustics
Smart Materials and Structures
Structures behaviour and Material Testing
Internal Noise prediction
Helicopter Aero-acoustics
Noise Reduction
Acoustic Measurements and Test Technology
Aircraft Security
2.1 Ageing Aircraft
IG Leader:Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Horst
IG leader email: p.horst@tu-bs.de
2.3 Damage Tolerance of Welded Aerostructures
IG Leader:Alexis Kermanidis
IG leader email: akermanidis@mie.uth.gr
2.4 Increased Exploitation of Composites
IG Leader:George Labeas
IG leader email: labeas@mech.upatras.gr
2.5 Surface engineering treatments
IG Leader:Chris Rodopoulos
IG leader email: rodopoul@mech.upatras.gr
3PropulsionTopics of the Area:
Turbomachinery / Propulsion Aerodynamics
Air-breathing propulsion
Heat Transfer
Nozzles, Vectored Thrust, Reheat
Engine Controls
Infra-red and Radar Signature Control
Auxiliary Power Unit
Fuels and Lubricants
Test Bench Calibration
Engine Health Monitoring
Experimental Facilities and Measurement Techniques
Computational methods
Emissions pollution
3.2 Simulation of engine monitoring & testing
IG Leader:Kyriakos Papailiou
IG leader email: kpapail@ltt.ntua.gr
3.3 Advanced Combustion
IG Leader:Jean-Michel MOST
IG leader email: jean-michel.most@lcd.ensma.fr
3.4 Fire Safety of Aircrafts
IG Leader:Alexis Coppalle
IG leader email: coppalle@coria.fr
3.5 New Concepts of Aeronautical Engines
IG Leader:Iskender GOKALP
IG leader email: Gokalp@cnrs-orleans.fr
4Aircraft Avionics, Systems and EquipmentTopics of the Area:
Cockpit Systems, Visualisation & Display Systems
Navigation / Flight Management / Autoland
Warning System
Electronics & Microelectronics for on-board systems
Sensors integration
Flight Data/Flight Recording
Communications Systems
Avionics Integration
Optics - Optronics - Lasers - Image processing and data fusion
Electronic Library System
Aircraft health and usage monitoring system
Smart maintenance systems
Lighting systems
Aircraft Security
Electrical Power Generation & Distribution
Pneumatic systems
Hydraulic power generation & distribution
Passenger and freight systems
Environmental control System
Water and waste systems
Fuel systems
Landing gear and braking systems
Fire protection systems
4.1 GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control
IG Leader:Jozsef Rohacs
IG leader email: jrohacs@rht.bme.hu
5Flight MechanicsTopics of the Area:
Open-loop Aircraft Stability Analysis
Flight control system
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Optimisation of Aircraft Performance
System Failure and Damage Analysis
Environmental Hazard Analysis
5.1 Fault Tolerant Control Systems
IG Leader:Lena Valavani
IG leader email: valavani@mit.edu
6Integrated Design and ValidationTopics of the Area:
Methods and IT tools for Collaborative Product & Process Engineering
On-board systems engineering
Environmental and EM compliance engineering process
Flight/ Ground Tests
Life-cycle Integration
System Certification
Fault Tolerant Systems
Hazard Analysis
Safety modelling
Air Safety Data analysis
System reliability
Security / Risk analysis
Aeronautical Software Engineering
Advanced information processing
Collaborative Decision Making
Simulator environments & Virtual reality
Decision Support Systems
Information management & Knowledge management (Methods & tools)
Autonomous operation
Development of operational research methods & tools
Development of synthetic environment & virtual reality tools
Aircraft Performance Assessment
Airport Performance Assessment
Business modelling
Numerical Models (including Fast Time Simulation)
Real Time Simulators
General Purpose Equipment
Reference Data for R&D Use and live/RT data Use
Large scale validation Experiments
Large scale validation Platforms
6.1 Life Cycle Management (LMC)-Aeronautics
IG Leader:Dimitrios Mourtzis
IG leader email: mourtzis@lms.mech.upatras.gr
6.2 Light Aircraft Design & Optimisation
IG Leader:Zdobyslaw Goraj
IG leader email: goraj@meil.pw.edu.pl
7Air Traffic ManagementTopics of the Area:
Overall ATM
Airspace Management
Flow and Capacity Management
Communications Technology
Navigation Systems
Surveillance Systems
ATM automated support
Airport Traffic Management
Airport Operations
Airline Operations
R&D Management and Co-ordination
Maintenance specific_arealing
7.1 Airports and Future Airport Concept
IG Leader:Antonin Kazda
IG leader email: Antonin.Kazda@fdepas.utc.sk
7.2 Air Traffic Management (ATM)
IG Leader:Peter Hecker
IG leader email: peter.hecker@dlr.de
8AirportsTopics of the Area:
Security Equipment
Crisis management
Airport External Safety
Airport Security
no available interest groups in this area
9Human FactorsTopics of the Area:
Human Factors Integration, Man-machine Interface
Human Information Processing
Human Performance specific_arealing & Enhancement
Selection & Training
Human Survivability, Protection and Stress Effects
Human Element in Security
9.1 Human Factors Integration
IG Leader:Volker Mellert
IG leader email: volker.mellert@uni-oldenburg.de
10Innovative Concepts and ScenariosTopics of the Area:
Scenarios analysis
Unconventional configurations and new aircraft concepts
Breakthrough technologies
10.1 Pioneer Nanomaterials for Aerospace Applications
IG Leader:Prof. Franco Rustichelli
IG leader email: f.rustichelli@univpm.it