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EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board

The EASN Association is happy to announce the establishment of the EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board. The creation of the Advisory Board is an important milestone in the process of strengthening the role of the EASN Association as the European Academia Stakeholder in Aeronautics Research related matters, as well as the links of EASN to the European Aeronautics Industry, Research Establishments and SMEs.

The EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board consists of seven distinguished personalities of the aeronautics community:

The Terms of Reference of the EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Advice the Board of Directors of the EASN Association on the strategy to be followed and the tools to be implemented by the EASN Association so as to achieve its long term objectives.
  • Contribute on strengthening the links of the EASN Association to the European Aerospace Industry, Research Establishments, SMEs and other Stakeholders within the European Aerospace Society as well as upgrade the presence of EASN in Fora which are shaping the European Aeronautics Research related policies.
  • Advice the Board of Directors of the EASN Association on policies related to research, set research priorities and recognise future research trends.