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EASN National Contact Points

National Contact Points will be EASN’s direct contact link for the Academia in his/her country and at the same moment entrance point for co-operation requests from other Stakeholders (Industry, SMEs, Research Establishments, Public).

The role of NCPs will include among others the following responsibilities

  • Act as the link between the members of the EASN in a country and the Association
  • Promote the scope and objectives of the Association in his/her country, contact new potential EASN members and encourage them to join the Association
  • Give their input and contribution to propose EASN’s suggestion for future Framework Programs and calls related to Aviation and Space for Space Research and define EASN representatives for the Working Groups of the Space Consultation Platform
  • Coordinate local interest groups
  • Express the news and interests of his/her country
  • Co-organize EASN events in his/her country
  • Gather, filter, assess and communicate information to the Association
  • Communicate & disseminate locally the findings/outcomes of the Association’s work
  • Evaluate the local industry, advice on needs, strengths, opportunities and threats referring to his/her country

Region/Country Name Email
AUSTRIA Prof. Michael Weigand michael.weigand@tuwien.ac.at
CROATIA Prof. Ivica Smojver ivica.smojver@fsb.hr
GERMANY Prof. Andreas Strohmayer strohmayer@IFB.Uni-Stuttgart.de
CZECH REPUBLIC Prof. Ivo Jebacek jebacek@fme.vutbr.cz
LITHUANIA Prof. Elena Jasiuniene elena.jasiuniene@ktu.lt
POLAND Prof. Cezary Galinski cegal@meil.pw.edu.pl
ROMANIA Prof. Octavian Thor Pleter octavianpleter@yahoo.com
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Mr. Evgeni Andreev evg_andreev@tsagi.ru
NORWAY Prof. Spiros Diplas Spyros.Diplas@sintef.no
SWEDEN Prof. Shia-Hui Peng peng@foi.se
UNITED KINGDOM Prof. Kostas Kontis Kostas.Kontis@glasgow.ac.uk
GREECE Prof. Konstantinos Tserpes kitserpes@upatras.gr
ISRAEL Mr. Shai Essel shaie@trdf.technion.ac.il
ITALY Prof. Liberata Guadagno lguadagno@unisa.it
TURKEY Prof. Yavuz Yaman yyaman@metu.edu.tr
BELGIUM Dr. Konstantinos Gryllias konstantinos.gryllias@kuleuven.be
FRANCE Prof. Emmanuel Benard emmanuel.benard@isae.fr
PORTUGAL Prof. Paulo de Castro ptcastro@fe.up.pt
SPAIN Dr. Jordi Pons Prats jpons@cimne.upc.edu