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Possibilities for human mobility actions between the EU and the US Academia

Practical information about available actions, programs and grants that provide funding for exchange of personnel between the EU and the US Academia, facilitating in this way the transfer of knowledge and expertise between the two continents as well as setting up and strengthening long-term cooperation. This practical guide includes information on how to apply for funding, evaluation and funding decisions, which topics can be funded, what does the funding cover and most importantly, who is eligible to participate in each of the actions described.

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Realising Europe's vision for aviation Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Volume 1:
Maintaining global leadership
Serving society's needs

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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Engineering Against Fracture

Full papers presented at the ICEAFII Conference held in Mykonos - Greece June 2011

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Proceedings of the EASN workshop on Aerostructures

Full papers presented at the EASN workshop held in Paris, October 2010.

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