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European Aeronautics Science Network

The primary aim of the Association is the advancement of the aeronautics sciences and technologies.

Further aims of the EASN Association are:
- The advancement of aeronautics technologies through innovative research and the support of European Universities, University Departments and Institutes as well as University research staff to perform aeronautics related research.
- The support of scientific and technological cooperation and human mobility
- The support of and the participation to activities aiming to incubate new knowledge, technological innovation and breakthrough technologies.
- The dissemination of knowledge and technological innovation and the execution of dissemination work through its participation in national or international projects and research programs related to aerospace.
- The support, organization and participation to activities related to scientific knowledge and technology transfer.
- The execution of studies for the development of national and international policies on subjects related to the aims of the Association and the provision of consultancy services for the development of education, research and development policies and activities in aerospace.
- Collaboration with Universities, other academic Research Institutions, Research Establishments, the Industry, governmental and state authorities, the European Commission, etc. to support the aims of the Association.
- The assignment to Universities and other entities of contract work in the frame of its activities.