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European Aeronautics Science Network

The EASN aims to bring the European universities with aeronautics activities into an integrated network, operating in parallel with industry and the national research establishments. The central element is an open, Internet based network that will enable communication between groups and will provide access to a database.

This will be achieved by:

  • A Steering Committee representing partners to oversee the activities of the network
  • Interest Groups: A number of interest groups addressing various thematic issues will be created.
  • The network intersection point will maintain the EASN website and determine the structure of the database. It will also provide contact with EREA and AECMA representatives.
  • The Network Database contains Information on the university institutes with their aerospace competence profiles, companies and organisations in the aerospace supply chain, research establishments and information on national aeronautics research programmes.
  • Workshops: During the course of the 3 year project, 6 workshops on regional and European aeronautics research related subjects will be organised. The topics willbe decided by the steering Committee, which will consider suggestions from the network members.
  • Five Regional Contact Points (Northern-, Central-, Western-, North West and Southern Europe), whose function is to gather information on universities, associated institutes, SMEs, research establishments and Industry for the database.


  • New distributed Networks of Excellence will be established. These will consist of experts in their scientific and technological field. They may be located in any European country and may be a part of a university, or other research establishment